Using Nature as the Highlight of Your Room

Using Nature as the Highlight of Your Room

The requisite shame spiral following a Taylor Swift dance party.

(Photo: Jack Thompson; Dwell)

Glass is used to its full extreme to create a room of contrasting tones, highlights, and shadows reflecting the beauty of nature within. A small pool awaits in a room which feels as much a part of outside as the trees towering beside you. Yet the nature of the glass protects the adjoining room from the gaze of onlookers, as you can see, the road is quite nearby. Reflections and refractions of light and color fill the space, with towering high walls perfectly paneled out with wood. The shadow cast enwraps the area, granting a sense of security and superior style.

Brightly lit yet cool in summer and as warm as it can get thanks to the massive influx of light during winter, this room is cool, calm, and relaxing. Blinds line the walls granting a complete shutout from the outside world, just right for falling asleep in an area which conjures a feeling of being isolated outdoors.

Intelligent use of angles and varying densities of glass combine into a layered aesthetic which accentuates the vastness of the large living space by casting contrasting depths of shadows across the entire area. The circular glass table gives one a hint of the surreal décor possible in this spellbinding yet simple space.

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