Whimsical Wonderful Living in a Wide-Open Space

Whimsical Wonderful Living in a Wide-Open Space

He knew to wait until the skies were clear before he reentered the kitchen.

(Photo: James Silverman; Dwell)

Taking true advantage of an open-plan space, the living room above combined the kitchen, dining room and lounge into an area which flows wonderfully. From the cascading classic white curtains to the straight, long lines of the pine floor, the striking straight style remains unbroken while definitive areas are easily observed.

This room gives you a great idea of what can be done when one combines natural colors and surfaces with cutting-edge design. The high-topped counter-side chairs match in triplicate with the vase and corner-mounted speakers, while carrying the same aesthetics as most black modern cookware.

While the cloud light hanging atop the dining room table may seem to be nothing more than an obscure yet striking point of attraction, it does hold a practical perk as well. As the room fills with light from the sliding door leading outside, a shadow is cast over the eating area setting a scene superb for family, fun and good food. Division is key in a free-flowing space. This massive room is succinctly separated through nothing more than careful, minimal styling.

The large-tiled kitchen wall sets it aside and isolates the area using a brought marble table. As one moves toward the dining area, the white, welcoming theme is once again repeated but this time using large, comfy couches. Flowers bring a welcoming change of color which can be easily paired to a throw over or pillow.

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