Earthy Browns Brightening Up a Dining Area

Earthy Browns Brightening Up a Dining Area

They saved a seat for Uncle Kai, who had truly embraced conscious eating.

(Photo: Dwell)

A modern chandelier hangs elegantly in a horizontal array, with its linear geometry being well matched by the small, black downlights placed perfectly upon chromed steel. The designer could not have picked a better contrast for dark wood floors than the tall white walls and solid functional dining table.

An extreme amount of attention to detail has gone into the design of this space. From the recessed overhanging cupboards to the packing space supplied below, this is a dining room which you will love to serve food in. Combining multiple rooms in a massive open-plan space, this rustic dining room uses neutral tones and generous amounts of wood to create an atmosphere which is warm, welcoming, and practical.

From the ultra-modern hanging lights sitting atop the dining table, to the column-esque structuring of the dividing wall, the designer has ensured that each facet of this style is accentuated and highlighted. With ample seating for many visitors, a seamless connection is delivered between the dining room and lounge.

Positioned nearby a sun-facing window, this dining room has its placement of the thick-legged family-size table just right. A serving cabinet paneled with glass ensures that everything is in easy access, while the white, flat couches give comfortable relaxation in the adjacent lounge.

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