Bacon’s Brash Impact on an Elegant Dining Space

Elegant Dining Space

Cara had officially taken the bacon obsession too far.

(Photo: Richard Powers; Dwell)

While folds of juicy bacon may bring about a mouth-watering hunger in some, conjuring the smoky smell of frying fat seemingly out of thin air, others will find the direct focus of this dining room quite displeasing.

What it does do is bring about a striking contrast, hinting toward what can be achieved by placing a pleasant yet surprisingly differently piece of art as an accentuation to any area. In a kitchen of whites and earthy browns, the carnivorous depiction proves a definite hit set in the center of the room. Only through its brash use of color can the shades of the marbled wall and shelf be blended and matched, while the hues of blue suit the view seen shining in from above.

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