Jaw-Dropping Geometry Brought into Balance

Jaw-Dropping Geometry Brought into Balance

And so the inaugural symposium of architecturally-aware babies came to order.

(Photo: Mark Hartman; Dwell)

Architecture churns together contrasts of color and design by tying together varying degrees of balance, with the true extent of this art being awesomely displayed in the image above. Light is shown to be a force to be reckoned with as the hues cast are broken and toned around a centerpiece which instantly draws the awe of the entire room to your attention.

Were it not for the vertical lines and horizontal variating beams of the back-wall, the full scope of the chandelier’s presence would be lost. Leaving every area of this space shaded but bright enough to be functional, the designer finished off each wall with small but bright accenting lights. Given their high placement, they create the perfect ambiance for dinner, mimicking an all-encompassing glow.

Wood works well in any practical space, with the large, brought wooden table being clearly shown as inviting and rugged enough for children, but spacious and stylish enough for entertaining. Modern white chairs with black steel structuring match both the linear lines of the chandelier and the bright light allowed from the nearby adjoining room. The paneled approach grants a good flow and sets aside a clear separate space which at the same time still feels like part of the dining area.

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