How to Make Your House Smell Good in 7 Easy Ways

how to make your house smell good

Besides the interior look and design, scent plays a significant role in making the atmosphere of your space more vibrant. At a certain point, the home scent is able to arouse a memory of a place or a time.

In a traditional yet simple way, homeowners usually open the doors and windows so that the fresh air and sunlight easily come in. For other tricks, you can have a go with these handy tips on how to make your house smell good.

1. Start with Candle Warmers

Unlike ordinary candles, candle warmers come with plenty of highlights. Known as candle burners, not only are they long-lasting but the smell sent out from them is pretty strong. When you’ve used them up, don’t ever try to get rid of the jars. Benefit the empty objects by placing brand-new DIY products.

You don’t need to buy such costly ingredients to create your very own aromatic potpourri. You might apply an assortment of concoctions including fabric softener, essential oils, shampoo of your own choice, cleaner, and the same is true with the homemade Febreeze. To make the Febreeze spray, just add baking soda and fabric softener into the boiling water.

2. Place Plants with Pleasant Scent at Your Home

Specific plants could be the best natural air freshener for home. Popular flower varieties like jasmine, geraniums, and orchids provide sweet-scented aroma favored by many homeowners.

They are not only good-looking, filled with aesthetic values but the floral species also make better the quality of the air at your home. It’s considered long lasting home fragrance you need to seriously consider.

3. Try the Refreshingly Fragrant Cleaning Vinegar

Cleaning vinegar could be a nice option when it comes to seeking out a refreshing natural room deodorizer. Simply put, it’s highly effective to get rid of the root of bad smell at home. It’s quite easy to make the vinegar.

The ingredients you need include white vinegar, peels from various types of citrusy fruits like limes, orange, or lemons, and herbs. To save the fresh components, you can use a quart-sized jar.

Start the procedure by peeling the fruits’ skin and place the aromatic pieces in the jar. Cram them around halfway full. If you want the smell more appealing, there is no way better other than adding some herbs like rosemary, basil, and thyme.

Then, heat the vinegar up until the acidic liquid sizzles. While it’s still hot, immediately pour it into the jar full of fruit peels, and herbs then let it sit for 24 hours. Then pour the liquid into a spray bottle.

4. Apply the Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is a type of odor eliminator that offers you an option with comfort. You might be the ones who refuse the ideas of spraying chemical when it comes to keeping the bad smell away.

The performance system that diffuser has to offer is relatively straightforward. Once the device is filled up with water, you can add some drops of essential oil in it. When you switch the diffuser on, a fine mist with scent is then delivered.

5. Get the Fabric Spray

The best way to deodorize house of yours unless you have an essential oil diffuser is none other than using fabric spray. It’s pretty easy and quick. The process of making simply requires some water, essential oil, as well as a little baking soda. The components are then filled in a spray bottle. In order for the mixture to be evenly combined, ensure that you shake the bottle well.

If you wish for something more natural, there is no harm to trying the lavender. The variety could be one of the best scents for home. The calming properties that this purple plant has to offer are truly great to drive stress and frustration away.

Other alternatives you can’t miss out on include citrus oils. Be it made up of orange or lime, the citrus scents sent out from the oil are nothing yet refreshing making any homeowners keep lingering at home.

6. Always Cook Something Mouth-Watering

Who can’t deny the aroma of particular cuisine with home-cooking style? Perhaps, you are not fans of greasy food delivering unwanted smell. However, you can balance the atmosphere with the usage of herbs.

A type of cuisine that gains popularity due to its strong fragrance is nothing else but the one from the Mediterranean regions. Things that smell good are mostly from the spice. The use of rosemary, oregano, and cumin is awesome.

In addition to the aromatic dishes, baking is the key to let your kitchen even the entire space of your home. The scent of cookies freshly picked from the oven also gives an extraordinary vibe making the rests of people at home feel spirited.

In conclusion, the foods not only satiate the hunger but also turn your space into warmer place.

7. Spread Carpet Freshener

It’s time to focus on the floor part. Our great recommendation for getting rid of something smelly at your home is by taking full advantage of carpet freshener. The step to carry out is quite simple. Just sprinkle the powder to your light-colored carpet.

After spreading it, immediately vacuum it thoroughly. We’re so sure that there is a big difference before and after applying the carpet freshener. Your spot to unwind becomes lovely from now on.

Instead of buying the product, you might make your own version – and for sure, it’s cheaper. You must know that manufactured one is comprised of chemicals harmful to your pet animals.

For the ingredients, you can prepare some supplies like laundry powder (2 tablespoons), Borax (one scoop), OxyClean powder (2 tablespoons), baking soda (1/2 spoon), and not to mention baby powder (1/4 spoon). Mix all of the ingredients.

In short, there is a variety of ways on how to make your house smell good. Regardless of your option from benefitting the candle warmers to sprinkling the carpet freshener, smell-scented aroma brings positive vibe making the dwellers feel calm and peaceful.

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