Removing Wax from Carpet with Products at Home

how to get wax out of carpet

Lighting up aromatic candles is the perfect way to create spa-like ambiance at home. However, the fun stops when the melted wax drips to your carpet.

Many of us don’t know how to get wax out of carpet without damaging the fiber. Luckily, you can do it with easy methods and products that are available at home (or regular drugstores).

Here are several ways to remove candle wax from carpet, from the easiest to the most sophisticated.

1. Removing Wax Using Ice Cubes and Iron

Extreme cold and heat can be effective for getting wax out of carpet. Fill a plastic bag with ice cubes, cover the bottom with a dish cloth, and place it on the drip until it freezes.

Use a butter knife to scrape off the frozen wax completely from the carpet. Make sure to use a blunt knife, preferably with a slightly serrated edge for easier scraping.

Another alternative is by using an iron and clean cloth. Instead of freezing the wax, you heat it until it melts, and gets absorbed by the cloth.

Place the cloth over the wax and turn on the iron with the carpet-friendly temperature setting. “Iron” the stain through the cloth repeatedly until the wax is melted and absorbed by the cloth.

If you are lucky, this method will work wonderfully. Avoid turning up the iron too high or using the steam setting, because it can damage the carpet.

2. Removing Wax Using Hair Dryer and Paper Towels

Hair dryer and paper towels are also effective in removing wax from carpet. Like with the iron, you use the heat to melt the stain and paper towels to absorb the liquid wax. Pile the paper towels on the stain while you are exposing it to the hair dryer’s heat and continue until all the stain is absorbed.

To make the job easier, prepare a handful of paper towels nearby. Replace a thoroughly-soaked paper towel with the new one immediately. Once all the wax is melted, remove the heat source and keep adding new layers until your carpet is free of wax.

This method usually leaves some residual stain that refuses to go with just absorption method. You may need additional household products to remove the faint wax stain.

3. Removing Wax Stain using Detergent

Cleaning detergent may not be the best candle wax remover, but it works well in removing the remaining stain after the hardened wax is removed.

You can use powdered products such as Tide or Persil to wash off the remaining stain, but make sure to choose products with a strong formula. The result is better if you have an actual stain-removal product, such as Zout or Shout (stain-removal pen can also work).

If you use a stain remover, simply treat the stained surface by following the product instruction. If you only have detergent, mix some powder with cold water until it forms a slightly foamy paste.

Apply the detergent paste on the stain using a brush or your fingers. Let the cleaner sits for 10 to 15 minutes before you dab it with warm water.

This method is great if the candle is not colored or having the same shade as your carpet. However, if the stain has contrasting color with the carpet, you need a special method that will remove the stain without discoloring the carpet.

4. What if the Wax Stain is Colored?

Getting wax out of the carpet is often not enough. While the above methods may work without leaving a trace on the hard surfaces, you will still end up with a residual stain on fabric, especially if the wax has vivid color.

Household alcohol and ammonia will help you remove the residual stain from colored candles. Here are the steps:

  • Prepare several paper towels, large white cloths, or small towels. You will need to repeatedly dab the stain with them.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol on the stained surface.
  • Dab the wax stain repeatedly. You will see that some color transfers from the carpet to the cloth. Use a different part of the cloth or a new one if it becomes too wet.
  • If the stain persists, dap the spot with household ammonia. Place a white cloth on top and iron the surface, this time using steam setting. If there is no rubbing alcohol, use a household hydrogen peroxide.
  • Once the stain is gone, spray water on the spot and dab repeatedly before vacuuming it. Vacuuming not only dries the carpet, but also returns the shape of the fiber.

If you choose the alcohol and ammonia method, make sure to open all the windows and let the ammonia fume go way. Also, make sure to only use hydrogen peroxide on the white carpet, since it can bleach colored fabric.

5. How to Avoid Wax Stain on the Carpet

Knowing how to remove wax from carpet is useless if you end up cleaning all the time. Take precautions by using candle containers that will catch the drips, such as cups or candle holders. Choose models that will not get toppled over easily, especially if you light up several candles at once.

Choosing the right container models will also help. There are many candle container models that have decorative charms without spillage risk. Deep containers, such as jars or even tall “glass”, will reduce spillage risk but still show off the beauty of your colored candles. Place these containers on designated spots that are far from any edges or fabric.

Finally, be mindful of where you place the candles. If you often have spa time at home, reduce the need for carpet or rug near the candles.

You can also buy candles that have similar colors with your carpets. That way, when there is spillage, the stain-cleaning process will become easier. The residual stain will also become less visible this way.

Candles have a lot of uses in our house, from emergency lights to the ambiance and relaxation tools. However, you cannot avoid risks such as fire hazard and wax stain.

Luckily, the wax stain is relatively easy to handle, using simple household tools and products. Knowing how to get wax out of carpet will save you time and money for professional cleaning service.

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