Remove Paint from Your Carpet with These Easy Tips

remove paint from carpet

Paint that spills to the carpet is the source of a big headache. Since many people don’t know how to get paint out of carpet, they often end up with permanent stains and damaged carpet fiber.

The key to treat paint stains is dealing with them as quickly as possible. Paint with unique base materials also requires different treatments.

Luckily, you only need some household products or tools to remove many types of paint stains. Here are several methods to remove paint from carpet.

1. Removing Latex-based and Water-based Paint

Latex-based and water-based products are the easiest to clean, especially if you treat them when they are still wet. If you do it quickly, you can remove the stain with just water, detergent, and vacuum cleaner. Here are the steps you can apply for both paint types:

  • Blot the paint with dry, unused towel or cloth until most of the paint is absorbed. Avoid scrubbing the stain to prevent it from growing. You can also use a pile of paper towels.
  • Mix one tablespoon of liquid detergent with a cup of warm (not hot!) water. Stir to create a soapy solution. Use a white cloth or towel to dab the mixture on the stain.
  • Dab the stain from the outside to prevent it from spreading. If the stain is stubborn, let the detergent mixture sits for five minutes before dabbing.
  • Remove the residual stain and detergent mixture from carpet by using a wet vacuum. This is to remove the excess wet stain and prevent mold growing on the carpet.

Removing latex paint from carpet is easy, but depending on the stain size, you may need to repeat this procedure until the carpet is clean.

2. Removing Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint requires more cleaning materials than just water and detergent. Your goal is to remove as much paint as possible, before releasing it from the fiber for easier cleaning. You need acetone (nail paint remover), liquid detergent, unused dry towel (white) and toothbrush, and vacuum cleaner.

Once you have all the materials, follow these steps:

  • Dab the paint to absorb most of it using a towel. Apply some liquid detergent on the cleaning part of the towel or cloth and dab the stain again repeatedly.
  • Add acetone to another clean cloth until the surface it wet. Dab the stain again until most of it get absorbed.
  • Apply carpet cleaner liquid to the residual stain (use the instruction on the label). Let it sits for five to 10 minutes before scrubbing it with a dry toothbrush.
  • Vacuum the spot with a wet

When trying to clean spilled paint with acetone, wear a disposable mask and open all windows. The acetone fume can make you sick if you don’t protect yourself.

3. Removing Oil Paint

Oil paint sounds like the hardest thing to remove from your carpet, especially if it has a bright color. However, the “thickness” of the paint actually helps you to remove it manually, although some household products are still necessary.

Oil paint is best to remove when still wet. Prepare several dry cloths, liquid detergent, turpentine, and cold water. Use them to clean the oil paint stain with these steps:

  • Scrap or lift the paint from the fiber using a putty knife. Remove as much paint as possible, but keep it from spreading.
  • Dab the stain with a white cloth until it can no longer absorb the paint. Avoid scrubbing action.
  • Add some turpentine to the clean and dry part of white cloth (or a new one). Dab the stain repeatedly until most of it is removed.
  • Mix two cups of cold water with a cup of liquid detergent or dishwashing liquid. Apply the mixture on the stain with a sponge. Dab (not scrub!) until most of the paint disappears.

Always open all windows and doors to allow air circulation when working with turpentine. Once you finish the job, vacuum the carpet with a wet vacuum setting.

4. Removing Dried Paint

What if you got dried paint stains? You can use all of the above methods to clean paint accidents, but with little twists to remove the dry parts.

Using a butter or putty knife is great to remove a lot of dried paint residue. When you apply a cleaning solution such as detergent mixture, you need to let the mixture sits on the stain for five to 15 minutes.

For oil paint, the method is to make it liquid again, especially if the stain is super dry and crusty. To remove dried paint from carpet, use carpet steamer to make the paint more pliable. This way, you can remove most of it from the carpet with the putty knife.

5. Tips to Remove Stubborn Paint Stain

While most of the products used in this guide are household-grade, make sure you use them the safe way, because most of them contain dangerous chemicals. Turpentine and acetone, for example, are really effective to remove paint. However, you need to wear a mask and a pair of gloves when using it.

Open all windows when using all of these products, because their fumes can affect your health. Turn up your fan when you think the floor needs help in drying (especially if the carpet is thick). You must make the carpet super dry to avoid mold problem and damaged fiber.

Getting paint out of carpet can be difficult if the blood has seeped too deeply. Consider calling a professional cleaner to deal with difficult stains like these. They may be expensive, but professional carpet cleaner makes sure that your carpet is clean, pristine, and well-maintained, without any hidden mold risks.

The thickness and bright colors of the paint are beautiful, but they become a headache when they end up on the carpet. The easiest method is to use repeated blotting and wet vacuuming, but it only applies to water or acrylic paint.

You need more products, such as acetone and turpentine to release the paint. Knowing how to get paint out of carpet will help you in the long run, especially when your daily job or activities are related to it.

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