Tips to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet More Easily

Remove Nail Polish from Carpet

There’s nothing more frustrating than having fun painting your nails and then spilling it to the carpet. You need special methods to remove nail polish from carpet, especially if the spill is wide.

You also get an extra challenge if the spill is dried before you clean it. Thankfully, simple household tools and products can help clean up the mess.

If you love painting your nails on the carpet, these tips will help you to solve the spilling problem.

1. Household Products to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet

Prepare several household products and tools for removing nail polish from carpet. The simplest ones are spoons, paper towels, old but clean cloth or small towels (white), and a vacuum cleaner that has wet vacuum setting.

You can use your nail polish remover product for quick cleaning. If you have a carpet with vivid color, it is best to use nail polish remover that has no acetone.

For more sophisticated measures, you can prepare hair spray, rubbing alcohol, and stain remover product. Get small toothbrushes that you can discard after using them.

For general washing procedure, make sure to have liquid or powdered detergent that has a mild formula (no bleach). Liquid dishwasher with mild formula can also do the trick.

2. Removing Nail Polish with Spoon and Detergent

Getting nail polish out of carpet is easier if it’s still wet. You can use a teaspoon to scoop as much as nail polish as possible. The scooping action is easier if the carpet has thick, stiff fiber. This action is important to remove the most difficult cleaning part.

When there’s only a little nail polish left, dab it with a paper towel until most of it is absorbed. Change the paper towel multiple times until there is only residual stain left.

Remove the rest by mixing detergent with warm water and applying it on the stain. Let it sits for 15 minutes before dabbing the spot with a white cloth.

Return the fiber form by vacuuming the spot. Use the wet vacuum setting to protect your appliance from moisture damage.

3. Removing Nail Polish with Special Cleaners

If the stain is a bit too stubborn, you can use slightly harsher cleaner products to remove it. What can I use to remove nail polish? It can be a sprayable cleaner, nail polish remover, or hair spray. The chemicals in these products can break down the nail polish and make cleaning easier.

Here is how you can clean a stubborn nail polish stain:

  • Wet a white cloth or towel with cleaner. Dab the surface of the nail polish stain with it. Avoid rubbing to prevent the stain from growing larger.
  • Use the clean part of the cloth to continue dabbing until the nail polisher is lifted.
  • Mix detergent with water to create a thick, foamy mixture. Apply it to the stain. Let it sits for five minutes before dabbing it with a dry
  • Vacuum the spot with a wet vacuum setting to finish the job.

This method is perfect for nail polish stain that is not too fresh, but still not dry. If the stain is dry, you need a stronger method.

4. Removing Dry Nail Polish with Stronger Cleaners

Getting dried nail polish out of carpet is more difficult, because you need to break down the substance before cleaning it completely. If the stain is wide and thick, you may need to trim the carpet a little bit, freeing the fiber from the stickiest stain. The perfect cleaners for this situation include acetone, hydrogen peroxide, and stain remover for carpet.

Many of these cleaners can discolor your carpet, especially if the carpet has vivid or dark color. They may also damage the fiber, depending on your carpet’s fabric type.

To see the effect of the cleaner, apply a little amount of it on the hidden or least seen spot. Wait for several hours before coming back. If the carpet is discolored or damaged, don’t use the cleaner.

Here are the steps to clean dried nail polish with one of these strong cleaners:

  • Apply the cleaner to a dry cloth or towel. Dab it on the stain until covered.
  • Use a small toothbrush or old nail brush to work the cleaner around the dry stain.
  • Pay attention until the nail polish starts to loosen. Use a paper towel or dry cloth to absorb the nail polish.
  • Mix some detergent with water and apply it to the remaining stain with a sponge or dry cloth. Rub a little bit to remove the stain.
  • Dry the carpet using a fan or hair dryer. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a wet vacuum setting.

Vacuuming is a good option to finish cleaning if you trim any carpet fiber. The vacuuming action will suck the small tufts and return the carpet fiber to its original look.

5. When to Contact Professional Cleaner?

These ways to remove nail polish are quite effective for a small stain. However, there are several cases when you need to use professional cleaner service, for example:

  • The carpet was made of fine material, such as silk, satin, or other expensive fiber
  • The stain is too wide or thick and cannot be cleaned without leaving a residual stain
  • You cannot clean the carpet without causing discoloration or fiber damage
  • The stain has not been cleaned for more than one week
  • The stain seeps into the carpet fabric and reaches the base

Carpet cleaning service understands the specific method to remove stains on different carpet types. You may need to pay extra, but the result is perfect.

Nail polish is not an easy stain to remove, especially since it sticks so well on many surfaces. Cleaning wet stain requires a different strategy from the dry one, and you must use the right products.

Some products may discolor or even damage the carpet fiber, especially if the carpet has vivid or dark colors. Make sure to try each cleaner first and clean the stain as soon as possible.

Don’t let spilled nail polish ruin your beauty session at home. Knowing how to remove nail polish from carpet will help you dealing with stain without damaging your precious carpet.

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