How to Remove Coffee Stains from Carpet in Simple and Easy Ways

How to remove Coffee Stains from Carpet

Most people find it enjoyable to sip a cup of coffee at the start of the day or in spare time. Sadly, the situation can be turned upside down if you accidentally spill your coffee on the carpet.

Coffee stain on the carpet is bad news, especially when the carpet has white or light color. As you read the rest of this article, you will know how to remove coffee stains from carpet effectively, depending on the different situation.

1. Some Options of Coffee Stain Removers

Here you can find three common methods of coffee stain removal. All cleaning materials you need are very easy to find. You may have them all along in the kitchen.

  • Lemon juice and liquid dish soap

Lemon juice can lighten dark spots or stain. When it comes to removing coffee stains, lemon juice is often combined with cleaning agents, including liquid dish soap and stain cleaner. The combination of both substances can help you get rid of a coffee stain in no time.

  • White vinegar and liquid dish soap

White vinegar is known as an effective stain remover. To remove a coffee stain from carpet, mix one tablespoon of white vinegar, one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, and two cups of warm water in a spraying bottle. Shake the bottle until all substances are mixed completely.

After that, spray the solution onto the stained area, a little bit at a time. By using a dry cloth, blot the carpet gently until the stain disappears. For a final touch, sponge the area with cold water and let the carpet dry.

  • Baking soda and detergent

Baking soda and detergent is a powerful combination to solve your coffee stain problem. They work best if you use them immediately when the coffee stain is still wet. For starters, gently clean the stained area using a mild detergent. Then, spray a small amount of water and pat it with paper towels.

Once the area is dry, sprinkle some baking soda on top of it. Let the powder sit for a few minutes as it absorbs both the liquid and the stain. For the final step, vacuum the carpet to clean the powder. The wet coffee stain on your carpet should be gone by now.

2. Different Cleaning Procedure for Different Types of Carpet

While learning how to get stains out of the carpet, don’t forget to identify the materials of your carpet as well. Different types of carpet fabrics may need some specific procedures, so you need to choose the most suitable cleaning process to get the best result.

Polyester fabric, for instance, is better to be treated by white vinegar and water. More specifically, you need to mix equal parts of each in a spraying bottle. When your coffee spills on the polyester fabric, spray some drops of white vinegar solution and then blot it using a sponge, cotton cloth, or paper towels.

If your carpet is made of wool or natural fabrics, the cleaning process is quite simple, especially if the stain is still fresh. You only need to apply some drops of cold water, and then blot the stain using paper towels. However, if the stain is still visible, mild detergent or dish soap can be used as well.

As two of the most popular carpet materials, nylon and olefin are considered stain-resistant. Coffee or any other liquids that spill on nylon or olefin carpet should be absorbed immediately.

Late treatment might turn your carpet into a potential place for mold growth. This type of carpet usually needs a chemical product that is made specifically for carpet cleaning.

3. Fresh Coffee Stain vs. Old Coffee Stain

When it comes to getting coffee stains out of the carpet, the cleaning method may depend on how long the stain stays on your floor covering. Fresh coffee stain can be cleaned with some simple steps. Meanwhile, the old one requires extra treatment with different cleaning agents.

  • Cleaning fresh coffee stain on the carpet

To deal with fresh coffee stain, use a clean cloth to blot the stained area. The key is to take as much as spilled coffee as possible by pressing the cloth until the carpet dries. Then, pour some drops of cold water over it. Keep blotting with another clean cloth until the stain is cleaned.

If the stain is visible, you can complete the cleaning process by using a fair amount of detergent or some commercial products of carpet stain remover.

  • Removing old coffee stain on the carpet

The simplest way to remove the old coffee stain on the carpet is by using water and salt. First, spray a few drops of water on the stained area. Then, sprinkle it over with salt and let it stay for several minutes. Salt will be able to absorb both old stain and water, giving back spotless condition to your carpet.

When the coffee stain stays for too long or difficult to be cleaned, you can try the ammonia solution. To create the solution, dilute a tablespoon of ammonia with a cup of water.

Gently apply the solution to the stained area using a clean cloth. Leave it for 3-5 minutes. Then, clean both the stain and ammonia solution by a wet towel. Once the stain vanishes, blot the carpet with a dry towel and let it dry.

4. What to Do When Coffee Stain Reappears

If coffee spill on carpet reappear as another stain after you clean it, repeat the steps of coffee stain removal that you have done. Rinse the carpet with water and detergent. Also, put a clean towel with something heavy on top of it and leave it overnight.

This way, you can absorb the coffee stain that has seeped deeper into the fabrics. After this process is done, use an electric fan to dry the carpet quickly and completely.

Once you know how to remove coffee stains from carpet, spilled coffee on floor covering will not be a problem anymore. Always remember that like any other kinds of stain, coffee stain on the carpet should be cleaned immediately before the stain seeps more deeply into the fibers. That way, you can prevent the stain from damaging your carpet.

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