Building Pole Barn Garage? This Guide Will Help You

white pole barn garage double doors

Building a pole barn garage from a premade kit is easier than doing it from scratch, but it is still challenging. You must consider various aspects and determine your actual needs for space. Pole barn kits come in a wide range of models, sizes, and material qualities, so buying the cheapest kit is not the best strategy to do.

Luckily, a prefab pole barn building is common, so there are many sources and services you can use to successfully erect one. Here are tips on how to build a garage or storage room from prefab pole barn successfully, and without useless money spending.

1. Questions before Buying Pole Barn Garage Kit

Buying the right pole barn kit requires considerations in several aspects. Here are several questions to ask yourself before shopping for these kits:

  • What will you store in it?

If you plan to store your car, you probably only need to buy a small pole barn kit. However, consider future purchases. If you plan to buy a motorcycle or another car, for example, you may want a bigger or more flexible plan. If you need extra storage, consider buying a garage kit with loft.

  • How will the garage look in your neighborhood?

If you live in a suburban neighborhood or packed residential area, you may want to consider the visual of your property. Make sure your pole barn kit can blend perfectly with your house design and neighborhood.

  • What about the maintenance?

Any property needs good maintenance to last long, including a prefab kit. Consider the type of roof, structure, paint job, and electrical system to ensure smooth maintenance in the future.

  • What insulation and ventilation types will you need?

All good pole barn buildings need good insulation and ventilation. If the prefab kit does not come with insulation system, study the insulation types before applying the right one to your garage. Consider calling professionals to do it.

  • How are the regulations?

When you are trying to build a property, you must follow local regulations, building codes, and zoning permits. Make sure to review your local regulations before deciding to order and construct a pole barn.

These questions are important to determine the long-term consequences of building a garage. After considering all these factors, you can start thinking about the costs.

2. Prices of Pole Barn Garage Kits

Prices for pole barn garage kits in the US vary between states, but there are standards you can expect. The national average of cost to build a pole barn garage in the US is around USD25,000. The pole barn kits themselves have different prices based on their sizes. Here are some examples:

  • 20×30

This pole barn kit size is standard for a regular garage. It may cost between USD4,000 and USD12,000.

  • 24×36

This pole barn kit size can fit two to three regular cars, and it may cost between USD5,000 and USD15,000.

  • 30×40

This size is perfect to a four-car garage, and may cost between USD8,000 and USD20,000.

  • 40×60

This size enables you to create a small to a medium-sized automotive workshop, perfect to start your own mechanic business. It may cost between USD14,000 and USD28,000.

  • 60×80

This size is perfect to build a large workshop, and it may cost between USD25,000 and USD40,000.

These costs are for the basic plans. If you want to add specific insulation, door, roof, and other standard additional structures, you must pay an additional USD2,000 to USD5,000. Don’t forget to consider professional service costs, such as fees for the workers and contractor.

3. Tips for Successful Pole Barn Constructions

Whether you choose the DIY route or order professional service, there are several important factors that determine the success of your construction:

  • Think big and flexible

When planning your building, always consider leaving additional space in and around it. You should also be more flexible about the construction, and open to possibilities of altering the kit a little.

  • Focus on ventilation and insulation

Put ventilation and insulation types as the priorities in your building. If you store cars, motorcycles, or other precious objects in the garage, you don’t want them to be damaged by mold, moisture, heat, humidity, or cold drafts. Some pole barn kits may come with insulation plans, but you can always change them to something more appropriate for your design.

  • Adjust the door and roof with your needs

If you build a garage in a suburban area, the door and roof should provide easy access and good ventilation. Also, consider an emergency exit for people, especially if the garage is large (such as for automotive workshop).

  • Choose the most appropriate foundation

Pole barn building has several foundation options. You should consult with a contractor and look at the geography and soil condition in your area before choosing one. You may have options such as asphalt and plastic sleeves, bolted “U” construction brackets, and wooden frames embedded into the ground.

Building a pole barn garage from a kit requires good planning, even if you go for the DIY route. Don’t stick with the cheapest product, but choose the most appropriate one for your needs.

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