Yo… Hipster

And just days later, the inevitable conclusion to their doomed union.

(Photo: Christoffer Rudquist; Dwell)

In a display that would make any minimalist fall in love, this room welcomes one home with a largely displayed “Yo” upon the wall. Let’s hope that the kids like the idea of a bare room as much as their parents, as this room stands bare and beautiful with nothing but the minimum. Two beds stand adorned with fluffy thick comforters inside a bedroom which has its upper wall exposed as brick and the cross-rafter clearly showing. The feel is almost industrial as this room displays neutral colors, wood, and plenty of chipboard.

From the backboard to end tables, chipboard has been used, a cost-effective solution. Given the matchup to the room next door of which just a bit is visible, this cheap wood choice has worked wonderfully. The floor is purposefully not veneered, matching the crossbeam and the overall “rough-cut” style of the room. All of the roof support beams have been left bare, exposed, unsanded, and untreated. Each bed is elevated, which leads one to wonder whether or not any packing space has been provided within the base. It is the only omission from any other perfect hipster space. Kids will definitely be looking for more than one action figure though.

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