White Space for a Children’s Work Room

White Space for a Children’s Work Room

So busy reviewing the updated Montessori curriculum he never saw it coming.

(Photo: Matthew Williams; Dwell)

White walls, neutral artwork, and calming imagery have transformed this space into the perfect work or play room for any young hipster-to-be. Two massive whiteboards await at a height perfect for both parent and child. Working beside each other, or should I rather say, working with your child below you, adds an element of fun to education.

This is a room which encourages not only a relaxed, calming nature, but delivers ample amenities for teaching young ones. A brown carpet set square to the room is the most practical choice, handing the daily buildup of dust, dirt, and debris very well. Thanks to its multi-faceted tonality, stains will not easily show.

Nothing much more is needed other than a basic worktable and seating for two. This is a great room for your child and you to escape together in a spirit of collaboration, co-creation, and creativity. Distractions are eliminated completely, without the seclusion twisting the feel of the room to one of segregation and isolation. As you can see by the painting set upon the wall, whites and basic blacks are the best form of décor, never diminishing focus from the freedom which this room instils.

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