Warming a Winter Landscape

As part of their homeschooling curriculum, the children learned to weather the neighborhood kids’ frost-shaming.

(Photo: Richard Powers; Dwell)

Were it not for the frigid, icy snow-laden landscape clearly seen beside this inviting entrance, the warmth would radiate an air of comfort and class, never once even hinting towards the sub-zero temperatures outside. Rich browns ensure that all entering the space are left feeling spirited, after all, the bright earthy colors do nothing but uplift.

Complete with snow shovel, extra logs for the fire, and slippers tough enough for braving the cold, this room has everything needed to enter or exit the house. Lateral and vertically placed boards deliver aesthetics which amp up the spacious feeling of the room, while the tiles resembling a natural slate surface work wonderfully when looked at beside the crystal-blue sky.

Weathered by icy cold environment, the wooden walkway preceding this entry has clearly taken a knock; however, the dull brown which resulted acts as nothing other than an accent to the overall style of this space. It suits the browns lining the walls and ceiling perfectly, while also an equal match to the tree-laden surroundings.

In an area which is engulfed by forestry, rolling hills, and natural beauty, wood works very well both inside and out. One can only but wonder what the rest of the welcoming hipster home would look like.

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