It’s Time to Dive in the Vinyl Flooring Pros and Cons

vinyl flooring pros and cons

Renowned for its resilience property, vinyl flooring has been prevalent among homeowners in the States for a couple of decades. The early debut of it took place in 1933 particularly in an exhibition in Chicago, the USA. People have a soft spot for the vinyl sort, making it become the second most favorite pick, because of its eye-catching hardwood look and some functionality. To dive in any further, check out the vinyl flooring pros and cons below.

1. What is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is a kind of resilient flooring that uses an artificial material called vinyl. The vinyl flooring tiles are basically comprised of polyvinyl chloride better known as PVC. PVC itself belongs to thermosetting resins that can be re-shaped once the heat strikes on it. With this, an accident like slipping can be lowered down. Although the plastic-based flooring is less popular nowadays due to the health threat, vinyl kind remains searched by global population. The experts have invented an alternative which is safe and eco-friendly by way of vinyl plank flooring.

2. Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl offers a multiplicity of designs and styles to choose from. The varieties are found to be profuse due to the fact that it progressively evolves over the past decades. It literally helps to make your home interior stay trendier.  From concrete-look vinyl to rigid core vinyl and from blonde to whitewash, the options never seem to come to an end. You can go for your very own preference and opt for your favorite shade.

When it comes to installation, this material is nothing but reputed. Instead of hiring a professional, simply do it by yourself. Installing vinyl plank flooring has never been that tough. If you once took part in a previous home project, this task is, for sure, as easy as ABC. The tiles are commonly glued down and fitting the planks feels like you play a jigsaw puzzle. In a particular condition, you are free to install the vinyl planks directly on the existing floor. In short, the execution can be performed by most adults.

How about the durability of vinyl flooring? As a matter of course, it is out of this world. It’s not easily affected by the scratching issue. Your floor will be okay even it is smudged by your children who’ve just played in the mud. This sort of excellence can’t be apart from the existence of through-body coloring. Don’t you know that it helps to disguise damage caused by scratch? Moreover, it’s long-lasting since it’s protected by a layer that is hardened.

Do you live in an area high in humidity? Installing vinyl plank flooring truly is the best idea. Its water-resistant property is the reason why this guy is favored by plenty of homeowners in the world. You can apply it for covering the ground of your kitchen and bathroom. If it’s contaminated by spills, the floor incredibly doesn’t experience a problem so-called discoloration, and the same is true with rotting.

Another feature is that vinyl flooring can function as a natural insulator. When the harsh winter comes, your space still feel warm making the people stay in a convenient condition. It’s also compatible with the radiant heating system. In addition to the insulation, it turns out that vinyl helps to reduce loud sound or noise. If you have a two-story house, you had better get this sort installed on your upper floor.

3. Drawbacks of Vinyl Flooring

Unfortunately, vinyl plank flooring is not good for your health. According to a credible source, vinyl, mainly the one which is not eco-friendly, actively produces volatile chemicals recognized as VOCs and unhealthy gasses. Once you inhale this type of compound, your breathing system might get an impact that can’t be played down. If you insist on choosing this, be sure that you order a variety that is low in VOC.

Although it is resistant to chilly temperature, vinyl is prone to be susceptive to the sun. The high exposure of the shining star can lead to fading issue. To tackle this problem down, there is no way better other than using a window cover to block the light. On top of that, the denting matter is about to happen if you place heavy furniture on it. Seriously, it’s the main enemy you need to keep the object off.

It doesn’t have value when it comes to an investment. Without a doubt, reselling the vinyl is not the best thing. Instead of being sneered at by your future buyers, it’s vital that you change other precious material.  When the environment issue is highlighted, vinyl is the one to blame for. How does it come? Based on the scientific investigation, the old vinyl is not biodegradable. The unused pieces may harm your surroundings.

4. The Cost of Vinyl Flooring

The cost to install vinyl flooring literally depends on the design as well as how good the basic material is. To a large extent, the charge for installing the sheet of vinyl ranges from 755 to 2,308 USD. In other words, the average installation on the vinyl sheets makes you spend around 3 USD per square foot. For the finest recommendation, we urge you to have a go with the luxury vinyl plank. At the market, the price of it starts from 4 USD per square foot.

5. Get the Recommended Brand from the Experts

Aside from pros and cons, the brand actually matters in vinyl plank flooring reviews. If you wish for something extravagant, the perfect choice is nothing else but the Kardnean Korlock. The highlights of this product include foam padding attached to it and being resistant to water and scratch problem. Another recommended option would be Coretec Plus. Not only is this brand most trusted in the global market but it also varies in styles and sizes.

In conclusion, prior to deciding what type of flooring you are going to apply, it’s vital that you learn everything in relation to vinyl flooring pros and cons. Apart from the drawbacks, this material has numerous advantages for letting your home interior at an upscale level.

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