Urban Relaxation at Its Best

Deviating from the ecru-only policy had been a mistake; she just couldn’t relax into gray.

(Photo: James Knowler; Dwell)

With a high ceiling and doors almost equally as large, this room receives a wondrous amount of sunlight. The pool benefits the view and atmosphere almost as much as a beige and wood interior does. A small patio area stands adjacent the pool, ample space to unwind or entertain, yet this entire hemisphere of the house is not actually very large. By building vertically, the owner has managed to capitalize on the interior area, whilst outside an elongated garden and pool area gives the illusion of a grand amount of room. Even garden beds run along the border of the property, directly across from the swimming pool. The entire outdoor area is warm and functional, always remaining practical.

Once one begins to look inside you can clearly see the hipster style of this contemporary home, working wonderfully within the high-rise space. The neutrals, greys, and beiges run rampant through the design, paired to the wooden flooring like few others can. To finish off the interior furniture a wooden worktable was chosen, while the hanging light cover casts a spectacular vision of light while on, at the same time tying together the earthy hues. Another prime pairing are the large, knitted pillows. Neutrals in a neutral space always work.

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