Unfinished Wood and Encapsulated Art

The time would come when the mechanical hounds would sniff out the books and the family would have to choose between facing the flamethrowers or lighting their own match.

(Photo: Simon Devitt; Dwell)

This entire home stands as a homage to the fine results which can be achieved with unfinished wood. Unless there is a stepladder hiding just out of sight, it is quite clear that those books have been placed as artwork not reading material. However, the motif suits this wood-laden hipster home to perfection, creating a contemporary piece which showcases the interests of the owner whilst bringing in color, contrast, and layers of texture. From the ceiling to the walls, flooring, drop-down blinds, and book-nooks themselves, unfinished wood has been used throughout this house to a wonderful effect.

You will notice that the nooks and gridwork form not only a ceiling for the floor below, but double as decorate and divider for the space above. In order to offset the dominant brown, the structural support beam has been painted black. This creating both a contrast and a division between spaces. It also adds a post-modern appeal to the overall aesthetic, aided by the steel piping seen in the kitchen. Hanging lights at varying lengths have been used to have definite control over the intensity of lighting in varying areas, yet suited the deep-seated red hues of the overall design quite well at the same time.

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