19 Prodigious Types of Countertops to Make Your Kitchen More Stylish

One of the key components that map out, how showy or how eloquent your modern kitchen, is nothing else but the countertop. The horizontal-look work surface is where both functionality and aesthetic values can’t be cut in two. Whether you are about to build up or remodel your kitchen, these following types of countertops are, for sure, poor to be missed:

Butcher Block Countertops

Most out of the homeowners idolize butcher block counters as they are characterized by the pieces of wood adhered and arranged together. The accommodating wooden furnishings go with the timeless warmth and rustic feeling. The basic material makes the surface smooth. When you place a set of glassy cutleries, no tinkle or noise results. Additionally, it naturally serves as an antibacterial agent, great to keep your kitchen hygiene.

What about the cons? Unfortunately, butcher block countertops are not resistant to heat and stain. When it is affected by high level of moisture, the worst case is that they are prone to crack and the same is true with the rotting issue and discoloration. Speaking of the maintenance, it needs an extra thing. The price per square foot ranges from 35 to 200 USD.

Granite Countertops

To lift the hip value of your kitchen to the upper level, installing the granite counters is extremely recommended. The elegant natural product comes with an array of advantages. As they are made up of the robust stuff, the scratches can be made light of. Unlike the wooden kind, granite countertops fitting impeccably with the flooring and kitchen cabinets incredibly survive with the heat or warm weather.

The main reason you need to get worried is the furniture’s durability. Once the counters are not properly sealed, any stain may affect the tables easily absorbing by way of the pores – and it is hard to get rid of them. The rate per square foot is somehow high-priced from 100 to 250 USD.

Quartz Countertops

The quartz countertops are also compatible with the ultramodern kitchen. Comprised of the blend of quartz natural stone and polymer resin, the tables are fabulously resistant to the stain. As opposed to the similar type, the highly antimicrobial counters are non-porous – hence, it is easy to clean them up. The greater durability lets them unable to experience the cracking. Other features include the quality of being heat-resistant as well as scratch-resistant.

The disadvantage of these guys is the price. The high-quality materials cause it relatively highway robbery. In addition to the extravagant rate, the quartz counters are vulnerable to the sun exposure. In other words, they are not designed to be placed outdoor. To get it installed, you are required to shell out from 100 to 150 USD.

Laminate Countertops

The notoriously looked-down laminate countertops might go with their bad reputation. Some often associate them with the second-rate furnishings. Nevertheless, the pieces coated with the plastic material always stun the people. Having these is such a perfect option specifically for those who own a tight budget. The top-quality ones are even waterproof and long-lasting, and still, their price is not out of sight.

The con is signified by the fact that the laminate is easy to damage. To some degree, the scratch problem is pretty threatening. Additionally, the breakdown is getting worse when you locate the hot objects in the area for food preparation. It is averagely priced at 20 and 50 USD per square foot.

Concrete Countertops

Seeking out a counter featuring great durability? Having a go with the concrete is highly appreciated. It wonderfully combines industrial and rustic feelings. The far-famed furnishing is convenient to either indoor or outdoor kitchens. In comparison the ones made up of natural stone, concrete countertops are considered bargain-basement.

If the concrete is not sealed correctly, the tendency of getting contaminated by the stain is somehow higher. The water drops are easily absorbed because of the presence of the porous substance. The cracking issue also often appears when you don’t have the proper maintenance. What about the cost? It starts from 70 to 150 USD per square foot.

Recycled Glass Countertops

Recycled glass countertops offer an eco-friendly concept. The cool design using the shattered glass factually lends color to the kitchen of yours. Even it is more dramatic once you pair the colorful counter with the retro-style environment. Is there anything more about this guy? Yes sure; it is easy to clean. The maintenance is not that easier said than done.

Before installing the counter, it is vital that you consider the downsides. Firstly, its durability is different from others. It is true that the recycled glass is resistant to scratches and heat. However, the trouble will come if the heavy objects press it. Secondly, it requires a professional when it comes to installation meaning that you will spend some extra money. To get the terrazzo look, it costs you from 50 to 125 USD.

Marble Countertops

As the symbol of extravagance, marble is a natural substance frequently used in a plethora of structures in the home including the countertops. Varying in color from beige to exotic green, the marble successfully grabs the people’s attention. If your reason is to build up a kitchen with high sophistication and elegance, this must be the best option.

However, the marble holds some drawbacks. Tending to be more porous as opposed to other natural stones, it is overly susceptible to experience the etching and staining issues.  The rate is quite expensive, setting you back from 125 to 250 USD per square foot.

Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops have been raised in popularity in the recent decade. Why the furnishings containing acrylic and stone substance is out of the ordinary is some array of advantages of it. Not only is the solid surface durable making it unswerving all year round, but the chic counter is prominent regarding anti-staining as well as easy cleaning.

Apart from the superiority, the solid surface comes with the inevitable shortcoming. It is found that it is highly susceptible to the deeper scratches and heat as well. The damage is simple to notice after the chemical defilement. The price range is between 75 and 125 USD per square foot.

Soapstone Countertops

Don’t you know that the soapstone has been applied for countertops for centuries? This kind highlights the quality of being resistant to heat. The counter of which material comprising magnesite and chlorite has a grayish appearance that is capable of giving rise to the natural and rustic charm. Regardless of your option from pearls to off-whites, it remains stunningly versatile.

The chips and scratches could be tangible matters that the counter should face. To let it stand longer, don’t ever try to place the heavy things on it. The price ranges from 70 to 120 USD per square foot.

Travertine Countertops

Better known as black marble, the travertine counter exotically stands out among your kitchen cabinets. In the capacity of resplendence, it has become the public attention. Besides its elegant look, it can withstand the harsh weather condition.

The con begins from the object’s sensitivity against the acidic solvents. The porous substance of it leads to some problems such as pits and cavities. How about the cost? To install this beautiful piece, people mostly spend between 50 to 100 USD per square foot.

Corian Countertops

Corian countertops are classified into different types of color making the kitchen owners have an ample opportunity to select. Is it easy to clean that? Yes obviously, when the spill dirties the surface, the further step you can do is just wiping it out thoroughly.

Unfortunately, the Corian is relatively vulnerable to the scratching issue. Moreover, it might be out of order when you unintentionally drop the hot pan on the counter. The price is not in line with the budget planners. 65 USD doesn’t include the labor’s fee.

Formica Countertops

Formica is typically a laminate counter with a particular brand. Covered up with a sturdy plastic material, this furnishing boasts the amazing durability. It also has an appealing appearance that makes your cooking space look a la mode.

The scratch is one of the key issues when you don’t seriously care the maintenance. In addition, plastic can’t stand any longer with the heat leading it to the unavoidable damage. The reasonable price that lets you fork out 20 to 30 USD is in concert with the budget planning.

Silestone Countertops

Silestone is basically another brand of quartz product. Just the same as the quartz, it is incredibly stain resistant. With the robust structure, this one literally is long-lasting. Test your creativity by mixing and matching it as there is a plenty of finish and color variations you can choose from. However, it is not recommended for the outdoor kitchen. The sun radiation might become a mess. The rate of Silestone stars from 50 to 100 USD per square foot.

Tile Countertops

Tile is such an option all the rage available in almost section of your house – and the counter comes with no exception. What are the pros of this guy? Firstly, it has a gorgeous look that matches with your contemporary kitchen. Secondly, the tile offers a wide range of varieties in terms of shape and shade. Thirdly, that’s resistant to heat. The bad side of this kind is nothing but the cracking problem. The price per square foot varies from 35 to 40 USD.

Lava Countertops

True to its name, lava countertops are precisely characterized by the outstanding lava material allowing it to stand against the high temperature. Speaking of durability, this one is extremely preferential. Besides, the kitchen owner finds no difficulty when it comes to cleaning up the stylish furnishing. Since the basic substance is sourced from Mount Etna and necessitates complicated manufacturing, lava costs you an arm and a leg. Per square foot is at 250 to 350 USD.

Resin Countertops

The intricate details of resin countertops truly mesmerize the interior design enthusiasts. In terms of appearance, it is absolutely winning. Crafted from great materials including epoxy and polyester, it boasts lengthy durability. By its feature, the resin is resistant to heat, UV rays, as well as staining-related matter.  The downside has a near association with its inconsistency in the marketplace. The rate per square foot varies from 51 to 127 USD.

Reclaimed Wood Countertops

The key rationale why the people opt for the reclaimed wood countertops is no other than their endless beauty letting the surroundings filled with the nature feeling. From oak to maple, it never fails to make someone smile. It is fitting with any kitchen backdrops from country to traditional. However, a problem pertaining to the damage likely appears immediately when the owner doesn’t regularly treat it with the mineral water. The average cost that you spend is about 40 USD per square foot.

Stainless Steel Countertops

To add the twenty-first touch in your kitchen, install the stainless-steel counter right away. It is definitely true that the steel is accented by a compelling look. It doesn’t stop there; the non-porous object is bacteria and mold free, long-lasting, and not to mention resilient to anything. The presence of this sort surprisingly results in an illusion allowing it to appear wider. On the other hand, it can be dented and scratched if you have no proper maintenance. The price ranges from 75 to 150 USD per square root.

Porcelain Countertops

Remodeling the kitchen with porcelain countertops is awesome. Why? The first reason is that they are obtainable in two shapes – tile and slab. Secondly, the porcelain is regarded as the most durable piece. It is susceptible to etching and cracking issues. Coming with no pores, the clean look counter is excellent in tackling down the stain. The blunt impact is the disadvantage of it. The cost per square foot starts from 60 to 100 USD.

In conclusion, picking out one out of those types above of countertops is, beyond doubt, a perfect step to make your kitchen more eye-catching and stylish.

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