The Warmth of Wood with the Elegance of Hipster Interior Style

He was determined to not let his tininess prevent him from enjoying a well-appointed genkan.

(Photo: David Sandison; Dwell)

Wood and fabrics bring a sense of warmth to a room, as can be seen in the image above. The unplastered walls and polished marble floor are wonderfully contrast by the wooden kitchen unit, dining table, and counterspace. Separating two spaces, one can see a carpet before a chair and throw-rug. See how this both separates the dining space from the adjoining room and warms the entire area. Silver made a wonderful choice for the rest of the finishings and fixtures, serving as a catalyst to blend the natural aesthetic of wood and carpeting with the rugged nature of the floor and walls.

Downlights are elegantly hidden, while air conditioning can also just be seen. This house is lacking no modern amenity, yet it manages to escape the clutter of conventional living. The wall plugs are sunken and hidden from sight, just as well as the light fixtures are. The result is a house with clean design lines and nothing but contrast between living spaces in a completely open area. Open plan living benefits greatly from simplistic design, requiring nothing more than carefully placement of a few ornaments, wall hangings, and rugs. The designer has done a fantastic job of incorporating the deep reds and browns present in the prevalent use of wood.

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