The Indoor Outdoor Shower

The modern indoor/outdoor shower: No towels. No curtain. No shame.

(Photo: Tom Fowlks; Dwell)

This designer has delivered an experience unlike any other. Set amid an environment set for scenic tranquility is an indoor shower. The outdoor setting itself reminds one of a Zen garden, whilst the idea itself is both practical and pleasing. A better use of your shower water is hard to find, while the lush greenery and fresh smells will have you showing for ages on end. Given the humidity, a semi-tropical environment guarantees that your indoor garden thrives at the same time. Just a sparse selection of stones and plants is needed to breathe new life into this run-of-the-mill room.

With no curtains, no conventional fittings and fixtures, and easy access from what can only be a bedroom door, one can imagine that this scenic shower area is tucked away from prying eyes. This shows just how well neutral colors and simplistic landscaping can transform the simplest of areas. After all, a shower does not need much other than the atmosphere lift which this space supplies. There is no sign of a towel rail, however, this does not pose the slightest bother. Few can envision a better place to drip dry. Sealed into the heat of your shower and protected from the outside until you are good and done, this is a shower which is as functional as it is fancy.

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