The Hanging Hipster

He insisted on using the work nook as intended, knowing that the toe-smudge marks on the glass gave his partner heart palpitations.

(Photo: Alexi Hobbs; Dwell)

Delivering a cubicle like no other, this modern living space elevates both your mood and your work, literally. Giving you a nook suspended above the corner of a work space, you will struggle to find an area which gives you post-modern seclusion as contemporary as this.

Accessible from an adjacent room whose color is not visible, the nook is filled with yellow which stimulates creativity and personal power, while framing off your area with a section of safety glass. The light blue LED is known to give a calming effect, while some suspect the quality of air at this elevation could even boost productivity.

Framed in black which is paired to the framing of the door at the entranceway, a striking contrast is created against the clean, white walls and brightly lit interior. A square roof light shines bright from above, enlivening the entire space. Difference is known to breed creativity and given the supremely different placement at which you will be seated in this work room, you are sure to overflow with originality and ideas.

While the entire room is in full view, you cannot see the outside, giving a true sense of isolation which sets you apart from all distraction.

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