The Grotto Called Home

She enjoyed toying with the prisoner by forcing him to use only the cardboard boxes as furniture. (No better torture for an industrial design student.)

(Photo: Gut Gut; Dwell)

Created from old concrete pipes, the ceiling sets an atmosphere unlike any other, yet one which is strangely welcoming. The low-hanging ceiling is matched by a selection of furniture which carries an equally low profile. From the bed to the couches and even the cubic worktable and wooden swivel chair, each item of this room was purposefully placed taking the ceiling into clear consideration. The result is a room which delivers a sense of encapsulation and privacy, whilst never losing its hipster suburban edge. Doubling up on every aspect of design has proven itself effective yet again, with wooden floors matched by the low-set swivel chair and frames, whilst white works well on the walls, carpeting and sofa.

The owner has done a wonderful job of making the most of a small space. Spotlights were chosen to illuminate the room, with the sharp light refracting well off the multi-textured ceiling with its recesses and curves. While the room itself is not the largest, an open-plan design was chosen for the layout. Definite division between areas of the room was created by positioning bright neutral elements at key areas. This can be seen by the placement of the mirror, the sofa and its worktable, and at the other end of the room a glimpse of a modern all-black entertainment center can be seen, again setting a contrast.

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