The Future of Fantastic Homes

The art was a sad reminder of a destination that they’d never reach as a couple.

(Photo: Jason Schmidt; NY Times)

High walls and a semi-division create the space of this wonderful bedroom. The high-placed rectangular windows are perfect for contrasting the plain white walls, whilst at the perfect high to allow ample light in without ever opening the bedroom to prying eyes. The sense of security and seclusion it gives is wonderful, just right for a bedroom. An unfinished ceiling and support beams present a great pairing to the wooden floor. Adding to the emphasis placed by the dark wood framework of the high-placed windows is the ultra-modern corner painting, placed to offset the basic bare walls while bringing together the entire design. Without this painting, the words “Future” would simply seem too obscure.

A multicolored carpet incorporating each gradient of color in the room is another design element which brings this room together wonderfully. The large bed covered by a plush comforter and welcoming blue blanket show that the place you rest your head is the only area of the bedroom which needs ample attention and decoration. Your bed is the focus of your bedroom, design around it as the image above clearly exhibits. It is not your side tables or headboard that needs to take center stage, but rather your bed and choice of apparel.

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