Taking Cubism Literally

Disoriented and unable to locate the proper egress, they raised the tree-beacon and waited for help to arrive.

(Photo: Randi Berez; Dwell)

While not everyone would want to live in a house which is a perfect cube, this owner has taken this design above and beyond. You can see the owner and a friend reveling in the top floor of this cubic home, a space which seems to serve wonderfully as a patio. Notice how each element of the architecture and design is rectangular or square by nature. From the motif present on the facing wall, to the window divisions, hedge, and the framework of the building itself, the designer clearly was instructed to go cubic.

It seems that even the gardens surrounding this structure follow a similar layout. The styling works well although the dull brown lacks vibrancy which would have contrast well against the greenery, walkway, motif and pathway. Nevertheless, the structure is definitely not run of the mill, with flora equally as obscure as the design itself. One can only but wonder what other plants are waiting in the surrounding area missing from this scene. Pathways can be seen dividing the walkways between the beds but very little of the actual variety and layout can be seen, one cannot help but imagine it to be cubic in some manner or form as well.

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