Supreme Serenity from Indoor-Outdoor Living

Lonely? (Yes.) Worth it to enjoy the ineffable serenity of indoor/outdoor living? (Only kinda.)

(Photo: Joe Fletcher; Dwell)

Natural living is lifted to new levels when combining various panels with shades, colors and designs matched to the outdoors. Emphasis has been placed on the addition of plants to bring together this lovely home. A paved walkway surrounds the building, entering into a hall, and branching off to what appears to be a study. This is the perfect spot to let the light pour in, as is well capitalized on by the massive sliding doors on either end of the room. The color scheme of this study matches the plants and the exterior view, while bringing an essence of outdoor living into the home itself.

Tinted windows seal off a separate living space, granting the interior complete privacy and seclusion from this snippet of nature. Doors double the width of a conventional option were chosen for the hallway, creating a dramatic entrance and sparking intrigue towards what lies deeper in this abode. One can just see a staircase peeking through, leading up to the uniquely decorated room above. Outdoor blinds have never looked better, giving the entire house a natural aesthetic but only when viewed from the right angle. An affinity for wood seems to form as we peer down the down-light lit passage, with a new identity and interior design style clearly beginning to form.

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