Suburban Hipster Living at Its Best

It was a difficult conversation, but he tried his best to explain that, since the remodel, toy breeds no longer fit the family’s aesthetic.

Photo: Joe Pugliese; Dwell

With a roof exuding a post-modern appearance rivalling that of a steampunk setting, to the bold, layered wood blinds, tinted windows, and dark brick chimney, this suburban hipster home has every quality hoped.

From a platformed patio deck tiered in structure, to a garden which fringes the area in perfectly straight, all-encompassing lines, this overall look has made provision for everything. Indoor and out, each element of design has been precisely placed to grant a definite effect. From the high-standing round concrete flower pots, to the moving shutters, placement is deliberate.

If one peers into the home itself, you continue to see the superb attention to detail. Even the interior cupboards are a match to the tones seen on the blinds, while the lazy-chair pairs just as well. Everything visible from outside has been integrated as a key component of this authentic, original style. Straight, uncut panels line the outside of the house.

Painted white, they frame the pale metallic roof while bringing out the color of the deck, decorations, and surrounding paving. The final result of this suburban hipster home is an area which is welcoming to both adults and children, a place where a family truly feels settled while never losing touch of the forerunning frontier which society is seated upon.

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