Staying Chipper While You Wait

After suffering a thousand-and-one splinters, he begrudgingly made a concession to her corporeal comfort and purchased a slim pad for the chair.

(Photo: Christoffer Rudquist; Dwell)

Placed as if ready for a partner to wait for their spouse to finish up in the bathroom, this ultra-modern stainless-steel chair creates a wonderful contrast against this all chipboard home. With the doors closed every room gives a feel of complete encapsulation and total separation from the outside world, even if the view is a bit bland. Given the blank canvas which this presents, you can clearly see how careful positioning of common objects creates contrast and style. A slanted mirror and basic basin is all that this bathroom needs to take shape, whilst artwork most definitely sets the scene.

Notice how the paintings differ between the bathroom and the passageway. All that it takes in such an all-clad space is simple yet striking designs conforming to one variety of framing. Pick your colors wisely and keep a style-set for each room and seamless division is set in place with barely any effort taken at all. Lighting is another key element to a design such as is seen above. With walls, ceilings, and all surroundings carrying the same colors, hues, and textures, shadows, shading and lightwork becomes more important than ever. Nothing more than a small downlight is used in the bathroom in order to bring about a comfortable level of lighting with a unique atmosphere of its own.

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