Spacious Open-Plan Living Thanks to Expansive Wood Paneling

The homeowners made a pact to never mention the mornings spent tapping walls trying to find the exit door.

(Photo: Dwell)

Hipster minimalism can create a wonderful feeling of space within any area. The tranquil scene depicted above shows the true awe which is possible when opting for an all-wood design. Extra-high ceilings and fantastic use of geometry place the staircase in the best possible location, stretching up into the rafters which feel as if they are simply an extension of the room below. Nothing more than a slight white accent is needed to highlight the gracious use of wood in this home, with just a few details bringing together the scope of this design.

Even though a sense of peace and unity is created through the repeated use of elongated pine panels, a division still exists within this fine space. Each separate space is given seclusion whilst blending seamlessly into the overall aesthetic of the room. Bright at all times and especially cheery when light fills through the broad forest-facing window, this is a living space which truly embodies natural living to its fullest. A large amount of leeway is left for lighting effects, which work wonderfully to create contrast thanks to the similarity of each area and the subtle shadows cast plainly upon the wood panels.

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