Smiling Post-Modernism

When it came to staring contests, they were a triple-threat.

(Photo: Bryan Schutmaat; Dwell)

Between its bricked borders and framed mirror eyes, this house clearly carries a smile, housing a higher story in a separate living enclosure composed of girders and glass in the distance just behind it. This upbeat contemporary home was designed to turn heads, with the almost robotic face instantly drawing your attention. Greeted by a large, conventional wooden door in true hipster fashion, this modern home carries many layers of design. Each separate living space is architecturally engineered to carry its own unique appearance, leading one to wonder what beauty must lie inside.

With its railed balcony, mirrored windows all-round, the main house delivers privacy and seclusion from the outside world, exactly as every family hopes for. Brick, concrete, and a tiered layout were chosen for this space, while above it a glass leisure room can clearly be seen with solar panels tilted atop. Maximizing on the potential steel girders, this choice of assembly works wonderfully aside the smooth surface of the main facing wall. The functional safety railing wonderfully helps to blend together the two structures, whilst each frame of every window fulfils the same stylistic purpose. The designer put ample attention into detail. Simply look at the placement of a sapling in the front yard. Even it is a style element, doubling the scene set by the large tree in the background.

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