Small Space Indoor Enclave Creates the Perfect Atmosphere for Sleep

Small Space Indoor Enclave

Hard to tell whether it was attachment parenting or toddler prison.

(Photo: Jason Bax; Dwell)

Giving your child everything that they need to wake up refreshed, relaxed, and stimulated for a day full of activity, this children’s bedroom even incorporates an outdoor place space. White walls and bedding are perfectly matched by the chromed ceiling fan, large wash basin and white outside wall.

The outdoor enclave is integrated seamlessly, shining greenery and lush brown bark through the large glass sliding doors. With bucket and rake hung and ready for use, the outdoor space allows your child to play in nature while staying safely at home.

The ceiling crafted from reclaimed wood displays a spatter pattern which breaks the plain-white layout of this striking room. Bright colors work well in this space, with just a few items of vividly colored furniture such as is seen in the basin area, offsetting the minimalistic tones wonderfully. Roll-down white blinds ensure that you are given complete enclosure from the outside world, while still allowing ample light through at sunrise to bring the space to life. Vibrant, welcoming, and warm, this is a children’s room which is stylish and elegant enough to be attractive to even the most discerning adults.

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