Small Elevated Space Crafted to Perfection

In the evenings, they’d shine a light over the glass panel, giggling at the shadows as mother darted around in her subterranean cell.

(Photo: Jonas Bjerre-Polsen; Dwell)

This is a small space play area which any hipster would welcome to their home. Bordering on bizarre, this captivatingly surreal space supplies a recess instead of a seat. From this vantage, and another, one looks down towards the floor below, a full observation of everyone and everything beneath them. In the adjacent room, a wooden chair is placed, hinting towards the idea that this is a living space or entertainment room.  Instead of a boring, bland standard division between the passage and this space, a curved, stepped, structure fulfilling its dual-purpose has been placed. With very few sharp edges to be seen, this is also a very safe room for young ones to play in.

It is interesting to notice that the panel seems to be able to move, giving adults access to easy communication between floors, this could be a bit treacherous if you have forgotten that you’ve left it open though. White fills this area predominantly, being a fantastic choice for both neutral spaces such as living rooms, and functional spaces such as those appropriated for your children. You will notice that the adjacent room has set itself aside as its own space by doing nothing other than variating the type of floor used. This is the major advantage of minimalistic design. Small changes bring about great contrast making it simple to create separation within large spaces

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