Sleep in Total Peace

The sweet satisfaction of putting tiny fingerprint smudges on the ceiling outweighed the inevitable punishment for mussing up the bed.

(Photo: Jonas Bjerre-Polson; Dwell)

The clean pristine color white has profound psychological effects. This crisp color lifts a room towards a sense of serenity, while also making it feel larger. Given tall walls, sleek white brings an air of elegance. Yet, this softening color also leads one’s mind towards a process of self-reflection, which is exactly what one needs when drifting off to sleep. With nothing present to distract the mind and white ever on-looking from every angle, this bedroom delivers pure tranquility, serving as not a playroom, but just a place to sleep in complete peace.

While happy and cheery, bouncing on her bed, the little one above will have to know that she needs to keep this room clean. After all, just a smudge and it would be clear. However, one cannot look at this as too harsh of a factor, as a bedroom is intended for sleep. Kept as a bedroom, the clinical, clean white walls, bedding, and pillows, are engulfing and inviting, sealing the sleeper off from the outside world. The skylights were a great choice, making the illumination of the room look almost as if the light is emerging from within the room itself. Furniture choice in a space this clean needs to be done with care. The bedside table and minimalist built-in cupboard is all that this room needs for perfection.

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