Sleek Black & White Blissful Design

A newer, sleeker home called for a newer, sleeker breed, but Clancy wasn’t giving up without a fight.

(Photo: Helenio Barbetta; Dwell)

Cubic minimalist design does not get bolder than this elegant space. Broad dividing columns in a large space create separate rooms without once detracting from the vastness of the area. Cubic geometry has been used throughout the design of this home. Notice the shape of the pitch-black floor tiles, the windows, the back of the chairs, and the shape of the pillars. Even the shape of the table, the placement of the dog bowl, and the design of the light fixtures all follow the same lines. Accentuating elements of design splash over to rectangular creations, however, black and white cubism prevails.

The result is not only a clean space with a touch of class, but also a highly functional room to live in. Your floor is free from ever accruing nasty stains, while it also never gives away when at last you’ve given it a sweet, in the case of unexpected visitors. The density of the dining area and the stainless steel constructions of the accompanying chairs all convey a clear sense of quality and long-lasting durability, while never being so “industrial” that they detract from the general family-friendly feeling of the space. Large windows allow light to stream in, whilst open pane glass doors fulfil the same function.

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