Reinventing Small Space Indoor-Outdoor Living

Reinventing Small Space Indoor-Outdoor Living

Unfortunately, neglecting passion projects was too often a career requirement.

(Photo: Tony Soluri; Dwell)

Style is not something that always needs endless embellishments, nor does it need layers and layers of detail. Nature is the perfect example of how intricacy is birthed from simplicity, with the space above showing just how simple it is to invite an air of outdoors into your home. Pull-down white blinds seal this space into a sanctuary set for peace and relaxation – the perfect room to sleep in.

A rustic broad skirting board blends the basic white walls and shutters toward the grounding brown carpeted floor. Window placement could not be better, with the big, angled window panes granting a full view of outside, which splits the spectrum into a striking dimension.

Nothing more than a comfortable, ergonomic white chair with a functional book holder, and a well-varnished bedside table crafted from a tree stump is needed to wrap this room into a wonderfully warming bedroom. The designer did well to add a modernist touch through the inclusion of a globe table light suspended upon a chrome alloy support.

While a range of light, earthy tones would all work perfectly to break the minimalism, teal has been choice working fantastically through just a saucer in the same color.

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