Reinventing Reclaimed Wood for the Modern Hipster Home

It wasn’t so much that he didn’t see the messages from The Internet; it was that he didn’t know how to respond.

(Photo: Frederik Vercruysse; Dwell)

While certain aspects of this contemporary design may seem bizarre, the overall affect is rather stunning. Reclaimed wood makes up most of the ceiling and the center counter. At just the right height to stand and work, this broad space with a conveniently positioned downlight is enlivened by the addition of cacti; yet the impaled toy soldiers set on the spines is rather confusing. Other than this oddity of design, the table clearly has made provision for light work.

Pens, pencils, and a book to take notes all lie present. It seems these two spaces have been set out for definite purposes, with associating elements of similarity setting the one space as a room to think in, and the other to do business.

An immense sense of depth is delivered as looks through to the adjacent room. The broad entrance and rough brickwork creates a definite contrast between a minimalistic ultra-modern space, and a comfy hipster work-room. Greys guarantee good repetition between elements of design, with the same charcoal hues being used for the floor, ceiling, and the well-positioned pencil drawing. The framework is set in brown, similar to the tones of the brickwork framing the entrance. Dimension is granted through this subtlety.

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