Peace and Tranquility Found in Obscurity

She was concerned what her psychologist’s office said about the breadth of her disorder.

(Photo: Christoffer Rudquist; Dwell)

Striking, indelible design does not always cost an arm and a leg; in actual fact, inspiration lies all around us. Yet not many would think to capitalize on the wood chipped grain seen above, in the grand scale in which it has been masterfully set out. The entire room is put together from fittings, fixtures, and design elements which are simple and straightforward. From the large work table crafted from what one can only imagine to be hardboard in a basic black, to the divisions of the couch, everything has been accomplished using materials that affordable does not even begin to describe.

As if built for focus alone, this upbeat hipster reading room has everything needed for quiet concentration. There is nothing in the space to distract you, not even color. One can only imagine the vivid range of brown hues brought to life when the area is enlivened by candle-light, yet supported by a bright bulb. A captivating atmosphere is guaranteed, while a window to the outside world ensures that you do not feel trapped in isolation. Ample room is left in this space for extras such as bookshelves, racks, art supplies, and possibly a piano or guitar, however, you don’t need much for the entire area to come together in a medley of warmth. This is definitely a welcoming space.

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