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Mueller Buildings Inc

Regular maintenance is important to keep the condition of any metal building. However, many prefer buildings that require less maintenance. Mueller Buildings is one of the most famous manufacturers of metal building kits in the US. It offers quality, good price, service, and fewer maintenance needs. The company also prides itself in energy efficiency standard, making it perfect as a modern metal building option.

1. What Mueller Buildings Offers

Walter Mueller started Mueller Buildings more than eight decades ago to provide water cisterns for farmers in Ballinger, Texas. He developed the company into a manufacturer of barnyard and farmhouse kits. Later, the company became one of the top names among metal building manufacturers in the US.

The company offers several advantages for customers who choose its products over other brands. The advantages include:

  • Thicker and stronger steel sheets

Mueller’s products are constructed from 26-gauge steel sheets that are 33 percent thicker than the market standard. These steel sheets make the constructions stronger and more durable, with less maintenance level compared to other similar buildings.

  • High resistance level

All Mueller’s buildings are classified under Class 4 in the term of resistance level. This means that the buildings have a high standard when it comes to withstanding impacts from various elements. They are perfect for constructions in locations with extreme climate conditions. Mueller’s products also tend to withstand damages such as splits and cracks better than other metal building kits.

  • More energy efficient

Metal buildings usually don’t rate well in energy efficiency, but not Mueller. The company’s roofing system has lower than five percent of heat absorption rate (from direct sunlight). This means that the temperature inside Mueller’s buildings is lower than other similar buildings, reducing the needs for an air conditioner.

  • A wide range of products

Customers get diverse products from Mueller’s catalog. There are options for residential, commercial, and community buildings. You can build one or two story house, warehouse, sports center, garage, store, barnyard, and other specific buildings.

  • Professional crews and contractors

Mueller employs only professional builders and contractors to help customers get the best metal buildings. The company also provides consulting services that guide first-time customers to find the most suitable products. You can find Mueller’s contractors and related services in all states.

Mueller has received positive reviews from satisfied customers across the country. With these advantages, you can get the most durable and environmentally-friendly metal buildings with competitive prices.

2. Prices and Costs of Mueller Metal Building Kits

Mueller Building does not have fixed prices for its products. Each customer should inquire for a price quote, which is based on different factors such as size, construction requirements, locations, and additional retrofit jobs. However, there are several examples that you can use to predict future spending.

For example, to make a standard garage with a dimension of 24 x 30 x 11 feet, you may expect to spend at least USD5,500. This price can increase if you choose premium designs and additional retrofit jobs. To build something bigger, like a barnyard or automotive shop with 40 x 50 x 14 feet of dimension, you may spend USD12,000 for just the basic features.

The costs for large barns, or a family house with an extended garage, may start from USD14,300 for the basics. These numbers can increase if you choose more premium designs, which range from USD18,000 to USD20,000. Again, these numbers still exclude extensions and retrofit jobs.

3. Features and Warranties

When you order metal building plans from Mueller, you can expect to get basic features such as standard roofing and finishing, I-beam structures, and openings for standard windows and doors. However, you can also expect retrofit jobs such as:

  • Additional doors

You can choose specific door types to install in the new building. Options include walk doors, roll up doors, large doors, and sliding doors.

  • Additional windows

You can add the numbers of windows to install in the building. There are various unique windows you can choose, including vertical and horizontal sliding windows.

  • Insulation

Insulation is important for metal buildings. Mueller offers various insulation types you can choose based on your needs, such as blankets, batts, rigid panels, and spray foam.

  • Ventilations

Mueller offers retrofit jobs to install ventilation, including the ridge vent system to ensure good circulation.

  • Paint jobs

Having a building that looks consistent with other buildings in your neighborhood is important. Mueller provides additional paint jobs to create the right exterior for your needs.

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Mueller also offers separate warranties for the building’s roof and walls. The standard 26-gauge roof has 20-year warranties, while the walls get 30 years. You must discuss with the local Mueller contractor to find out warranty calculations for other components, especially if you order additional features.

Starting from a company that provided services for farmers, Mueller continues to provide durable and strong metal building kits for wider customers in the US. Durability, strength, and energy-efficiency become Mueller’s standard qualities for all its products. Make sure to order Mueller Buildings if you want a metal building that lasts longer with less maintenance.

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