Mosaic Mirrored Reflections of the Many Faces of Man

Mosaic Mirrored Reflections of the Many Faces of Man

It wasn’t the Game of Thrones obsession that scared him, it was how quickly she whipped up each episode’s totem.

(Photo: Richard Powers; Dwell)

Drawing inspiration from the faceless man of Game of Thrones, this wonderful living space displays minimalistic charm and a dualistic balance between basic tones and colors. The obscure arrangement of heads drops one into a contrast which is only matched by the many reflections cast in the mosaicked mirror.

Two different finishes to the flooring ensure that the space carries a fluent transgression as you move towards the adjoining room. Every major aspect of design is given a dualistic double, from the abstract blue hue of the mosaic artwork matching the blue-tinted glass cabinets, to the welcoming skylights and their out-looking paired windows.

Notice how the earthy tones of the floor, chair and carpet match the shades of the many heads and faces stacked at this room’s division. Black cubic couches with red throw pillows break the basic blend of colors, creating a practical centerpiece. The designer has carefully adding black accents in just the right places.

From the framework of the mirror to the routered shaded groove of the worktable, a hinting background of black brings together this happy hipster headlining décor. The result is a space which is bright and as resourceful in its layout as any innovative, style-conscious individual who may be filling it.

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