Why You Should Consider Buying Morton Buildings Prefab Kits

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Buying prefab home kits requires good consideration, but luckily, some brands are more reliable than others. Morton Buildings is the leading name in prefab building kits, with numerous positive reviews from customers across the US. Offering high-quality services and products for more than a century, Morton is a great option for metal buildings, both residential and commercial.

1. Why Choosing Morton?

First established in 1903, Morton quickly evolved into one of the biggest manufacturers of prefab buildings. It sells products and serves costumers in various locations across the US. Despite facing competitions, Morton offers various benefits for all its customers, such as:

  • Independent material production

One of the most common complaints toward prefab home manufacturers is about low-quality materials. Many companies use various suppliers for their materials, often trading standard products with the lower-quality versions. Morton produces all the materials for their products and keeps equal quality standard across the board.

  • Fully dedicated crew members

Morton makes sure that all the construction crew members only build its buildings, full time. All the workers are hired professionals trained specifically to work on Morton’s products.

  • A wide range of products

Morton provides a diverse range of products. You can order residential, commercial, community, equestrian, and farm building kits. You can also order professional services such as installation and repair.

  • Professional foremen

The average experience years of Morton’s foremen are 15 years. They make sure that all buildings are constructed professionally. They also have experiences in specific building constructions, such as dairy facilities, banks, aircraft hangars, distilleries, and insulated farming shops.

  • Flexible construction options

Morton provides flexible construction options based on the customers’ budgets. You can choose a customer source plan (using your own hired contractors for interior and exterior), split source (using Morton’s materials and your own contractors), and single source (Morton handles everything).

  • Full warranties

Morton makes sure that every customer receives warranties for the building. The warranties are full, covering not only the materials and constructions, but also in services and labors.

All these benefits should become your consideration when looking for the best prefab building manufacturers.

2. Price Quotes from Morton

Morton provides the most competitive prices depending on the customers’ locations, building locations, needs, and other important factors. You can visit its official website or contact it directly to get specific quotes for your building. Since each order is made to the necessities and requirements, Morton makes sure that you only pay for what you purchase.

Morton does not have a flat rate for its products, since each order is calculated based on factors such as the location, local soil and terrain conditions, and additions or reductions the customers might want. However, there are price range expectations you can consider.

For example, a typical 1,800 square feet home may cost around USD64,000. This does not include important additions such as interior walls, finishing, and concrete. Meanwhile, a two-story ranch-style house may cost around USD202,000, with standard finishing works. You must pay additional costs for extensions, style changes, or other alterations.

3. Morton Retrofit Offers for Ideal Buildings

Morton offers its own range of retrofit jobs, which help customers equipping their buildings with things that are not originally included in the kits. There are various retrofit works Morton offer, such as:

  • Insulation system

Morton offers a unique range of insulation and ventilation systems, including the ones that are environmentally-friendly.

  • Doors and windows

Morton provides a wide range of doors and windows that you can pick based on your needs. You can choose sliding doors, French windows, two-panel doors, tinted glass windows, overhead doors, and other unique models.

  • Porches

Morton adds nice porches to their buildings, giving customers additional space to put outdoor furniture or create specific entrances.

  • Colors and finishing

You can have buildings with any colors and finishings to match the surroundings. Morton offers additional products and services to create an exterior that matches your needs.

  • Wainscot

Morton offers a retrofit job to install wainscot and other wall features, creating a better look that matches your vision.

  • Cupola

Cupola serves as many things, from pure decorations to chimney vents. Morton provides cupola in one of its retrofit jobs. You can add specific design, and Morton will do it professionally.

  • Eyebrow

An eyebrow is a relatively simple addition to a house, but it creates a nice visual touch. Morton helps you even with the simplest retrofit job by adding roof eyebrow. It will give characters to your building.

These retrofit jobs are available with different price quotes, depending on location, design, and the type of building you order. Contact Morton representatives in your state for more information.

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There are many reasons why Morton become one of the most popular manufacturers for prefab metal buildings. The company sticks to professionals in dealing with each project. It also offers good price quotes and warranties. Not only you get a diverse range of product options, but you can also order retrofit jobs to improve your building.

Don’t stick with low quality when it comes to prefab metal building. Morton Buildings delivers the best products with professional services.

For more information visit MortonBuildings.com

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