How Much Should You Pay for Mold Inspection and Testing?

mold inspection cost

Detecting the presence of mold is difficult without professional testing, and it requires money. Mold inspection cost is not identical between properties, because the process depends on several factors. Make sure you know what to expect when calculating budgets to have professionals detecting mold presence at your property.

1. Why You Need Mold Inspection

Mold can cause damage even before you can see it. The flying spores can affect the air quality, and you may notice the musty or unpleasant smell. People with asthma or low immunity, babies, children, and older people may experience the effects of spores. They may have trouble breathing or develop allergic reactions because of the spores.

Mold detection helps to determine the presence of mold even before it becomes visible. A professional mold tester or specialist will come to your property and conduct sampling process. The result will be tested to detect mold risk. The earlier you order the testing, the cheaper the removal cost will be.

2. How Mold Inspection Service Conducts Testing

Professional mold testing requires several steps to determine the smallest risks of mold growth. The first step is to look for distinctive signs, such as colorations, smell, and texture. The service may look at areas where mold has a high chance to grow, such as in the bathroom, under the sink, or in the basement.

There are three common types of samples for mold testing, which are:

  • Surface sample

The surface sample requires taking a physical sample using cotton swabs, tape lifts, or medical swabs. The sample is used to determine the species, age, and type of mold that grow on a specific surface.

  • Air sample

Air sample tests the quality of air that is affected by mold spores. The process uses tools such as spore trap and air pump. Catching the spores for identification is useful if the mold is difficult to spot.

  • Cavity sample

Cavity sample is taken from difficult spots, such as from inside the walls. This is done when the homeowner notices mold damage signs on the wall surface. A common way to do it is by using spore trap and tube to collect spores from inside wall structures.

A mold specialist will take a proper sample for lab research purpose. Once the result is out, the mold removal company can determine the best removal solution.

3. Standard Prices for Mold Inspection and Testing

So, how much is a mold inspection cost you should pay? If you live in North America, the average range for private residential building (a standard house) is between USD250 and USD665. The price range is determined by numbers of factors, such as the size of the sampling area, the type of testing used, and the recommended removal strategy.

A mold removal company cannot determine the cost until the mold specialist finishes the assessment. Usually, the visual inspection and sampling have separate price tags, with the average prices of USD125 for visual inspection and USD75 for each sampling (if the specialist takes three samples, for example, that would be USD225 in total).

In a standard mold inspection process, a specialist may need to take two first samples as the control group. Afterward, it takes one to three samples to create a comparison. A high-range inspection and testing process may cost more than USD1,000.

4. Mold Inspection Costs based on Building Types

The cost of a mold inspection is different between building types. Here are the typical prices of inspection for each building type in the US:

  • Residential testing

Inspection in a standard residential building, such as a one-story family house, may cost between USD250 and USD400. The price covers one standard sample, control sample, tools, and reports.

  • Commercial testing in an isolated area

Standard inspection in an isolated area within commercial property costs around USD300. The price covers a standard and control samples, along with reports.

  • Commercial testing for the whole property

Full inspection in a commercial property cost around USD500. The price includes a report, a standard sample, and a control sample.

These prices are average calculations, and you may pay higher or lower, depending on the test types and details. Additional samples also require extra costs, especially if your mold problem is serious. The use of more sophisticated test tools also increases the prices.

5. Tips to Get the Best Prices

Mold inspection and testing can be expensive, but you can save money by using these tips:

  • Know the extent of your problem

Many homeowners pay extra for full mold inspection while it may be unnecessary. Conduct self-inspection on your property to see the extent of your mold problem. This is useful for the mold inspector to conduct more specific sampling and test.

  • Compare the mold inspection companies

The best service is not always the cheapest one. Some mold inspection companies may charge you for unnecessary tests, while others use low-end tools that don’t give accurate testing results. Shop around to determine the best service that gives the result you expect.

  • Discuss the possibility for isolated sampling

Do not hesitate to discuss with the mold specialist and company to get specific testing. This is useful if you detect mold problem in certain areas. It will save you extra costs from additional sampling process.

  • Don’t delay in ordering mold testing

Once you experience mold-related problems, don’t hesitate to order inspection and testing. Larger mold problem requires not only extra samples to test but also more difficult remediation process, resulting in inexpensive prices.

Make sure you know the average pricing in your state. It will help in determining the “normal” price to pay when a company conducts inspection and testing.

Mold inspection and testing are important to determine the presence of mold problem, even before you see it with your own eyes. The cost of a mold inspection is determined by several factors, such as the numbers of sampling, tools used, the type of the building, and the size of the sampling area. The national average price is also affected by standard pricing in different states.

Professional mold testing is important to prevent and solve mold problem, but you must get active to get the best price. Use this guide to have high-quality, professional inspection that caters to your actual needs.

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