Metal Roof Cost to Consider before Starting up Your Project

Metal Roof cost

Realizing your amazing metal roof project is no longer a dream. You can initiate from now on. Aside from thinking about the best materials that fit with your wish, be sure to deliberate on the metal roof cost. For shedding light upon the matter, there is no way better other than checking out these following details.

1. Basic Factors that Determine the Price of Metal Roof

We can’t deny that the cost of metal roof depends on a couple of factors. Besides quantities available in the market, qualities of the metal product are an aspect that can’t be taken apart. The scarcity of raw material could result in a higher price too. Other things include how complex the roof type is allowing the charge of installation to increase significantly. The distribution factor also can’t be underrated meaning that the geographical location of your dwelling can specify the rate.

2. Why is Metal Roofing Costlier than Asphalt Roofing?

Some of you might come up with a question ensuring why the metal roofing cost is more high-priced is compared to the asphalt version. To elucidate that, it’s better to find out the common rate of asphalt roofing. The overall cost per 1,600 square feet for asphalt shingles set you back around 9,000 USD. This one has encompassed the fee of displacing the existing roof.

Hence, what makes the price of metal roofing higher is because of some reasons. Firstly, the issue is highly related to the endurance of it. In comparison to asphalt, the metal variety can last a lifetime. The warranties offered by way of the product are around 50 years. Another ground is nothing else but its resistance toward the harsh weather. Zinc and copper are the real evidence how the quality of the metal is nothing yet excellent.

3. How Much does a Metal Roof Cost?

By and large, type of metal matters in determining the price. Let’s begin with aluminum. The cost of the piece whose main function is to protect its inner part from corrosion problem varies from 3.75 USD to 5.5 USD per square foot. Meanwhile, installing the aluminum shingles cost you about 9 USD per square foot. Compared to aluminum, galvanized steel is relatively cheaper and even it’s called the most reasonable metal roofing. The range of cost is from 2.65 to 3.75 per square foot.

How much to install the steel? According to a source, it states that the installation makes you spend 10 USD. For chicer option, coating your roof with standing metal seam could be something awesome. The price per square foot that this piece offers ranges between 4 and 6 USD. In line with steel installation, it requires you to lavish 10 USD. If you want to include the luxury value in your roofing system, don’t miss out on zinc and copper. Speaking of the price, it’s known for its high rate – it’s between 9 and 14 USD per square foot.

4. Is It Possible that Design of Roof Can Alter the Price?

Don’t get surprised if your roofing selection somehow comes with a higher cost. The intricate design on the metal might affect how it’s priced. If it contains much complexity and lousy with domes and angles, never expect to get something affordable. The value will skyrocket easily with those types of things. In addition to the form, you must realize that the additional cost considered dear can be caused by skillful professional contractors carrying out your roofing project.

5. How Much Should We Pay for Labor Cost?

It’s not such a big secret when people start comparing the labor cost of metal roof vs shingles. For your information, the overall installation – we mean asking people to do the fixing – for metal roofing lets you spend some money of which worth ranges from 5.5 to 12 USD per square foot. The shingles itself are somewhat less costly, letting you set back from 7 to 10 USD per square foot. Meanwhile, the installation of standing seam metal comes with a cost varying from 9 to 10 USD per square foot.

6. Which one is in High Demand in the Market?

The public puts aluminum and steel in the first list. Why most out consumers tend to have a pick on them can be clearly described. Regarding price, aluminum and steel are relatively less expensive than zinc and copper. Additionally, the metal pieces go with some highlights including how it’s resistant to salty condition, has a longer durability, and active in protecting some weather issues that often take place. Regardless of some downsides, the elements remain favored in the society.

7. What about the Paint Finishes?

To make the best use of your roofing project, paint finishing is surely another consideration to seriously take into account. It is not that hard to find the paint coatings at the present moment. They are super available in the market – choose your favorite color that suits your very own preference and character. The shades to opt for are nearly unlimited. As the experts of metal roof say, it’s vital that you have a go with the highest-quality paint that is energy-efficient.

Getting confused in deciding? Our great recommendation for the paint finish of the metal roof with premium quality is none other than Kynar 500. This product allows you to expect to pay around 12 USD (this one is already the maximum one). If the installation cost offered by a professional is 20,000 USD, it indicates that the metal roof finishes with high-quality paint is already included. The lifetime warranty must be encompassed too.

To make a long story short, metal roof cost is determined by some factors from the types of qualities of metal-based products. Aluminum could be a moderate option to those who seek out optimum yet reasonably-priced metal roofing. Out of the metal roofing cost, zinc and copper are the ones costing the earth. Apart from it, ensure to think about the cost of installation and paint finishes.

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