Maximizing the Potential of Your Multi-Floor Abode

He steadied himself in preparation for the role of his lifetime: The Big Bad Wolf.

(Photo: Daniel Hennessy; Dwell)

Open rafters without a ceiling allow you to truly maximize the space in your abode. Instead of using up valuable space, intelligent architecture takes design upwards, giving multiple stories stretching as far towards the roof as possible, instead of cutting off the encapsulation to just two floors. By arranging the living space as one massive room, each area becomes connected seamlessly. Wooden flooring pairs to the rafters above, with the stairwells and handrailings being composed of the same variety. Shelving set atop the second floor serves as both an attractive place to set about a decoration, ornament, or other stylish element of design, while also being constructed of wood and perfectly fitting in with the overall scheme.

Plain, clean white walls run through the whole of the house, with the upstairs room walls adorned suitably to set the space aside as a living room. A neutral-colored couch stands elegantly with just two scatter pillows adding a wonderful touch of color to the room. Notice how the color of the pillows pair to the paintings and ampersand on the walls. The children’s playroom and library stands down the hall, with every area of this home being railed securely, making it completely child safe. Instead of wooden flooring, the child’s room switches to a cream carpet, giving a much warmer atmosphere overall, yet still matching of the general concept.

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