Maximizing Open Space

One day she’d be ready for life on the outside. (Today was not that day.)

(Photo: Simon Devitt; Dwell)

The photograph above shows a hipster home in its full glory. This is the look that you should be going for when opting for unfinished wood throughout the interior of your house. An exposed ceiling and high walls are brought into perspective through the use of broad windows and a large collapsing sliding door. This effect welcomes the lush view from outside, almost directly bringing the warmth and color inside. Hanging lights were chosen to drop down to the perfect height needed in each section of the room, bringing a touch of red to the room as well. Serving as both decoration and elements of division with the space, a better choice of lighting is hard to imagine.

Whilst the entrance itself is composed of clear glass, the glass used for the large rectangular panes found above carries a slight texture, just obfuscating the view of the sky to a wonderful result. The sky looks akin to a stained-glass painting, setting the perfect picture and a fantastic atmosphere for the home. A polished floor with an almost industrial appearance fills the whole of this home, working well as the perfect contrast to the all-wood design, whilst pairing to the black window and doorframe, and television as well.

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