Captivating Kitchen Fireplace in Perfect Placement

Guests found the chimney’s expression unsettling, though Roger insisted upon its benevolence. This turned out to be his undoing. (Photo: Mark Mahaney; Dwell) Reclaimed wood...
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Blissful Brickwork, Bright Lights & Bright Metallic Surfaces

The convection ovenlights were bound to impress, destined to injure. (Photo: Gregory Miller; Dwell) Synchronistic design hinges upon repeated colors, tones, shades, and other elements of...
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Hustling in a Hipster Kitchen

The demon rabbit demanded more Nesquick cassoulet. (Photo: Frederik Vercruysse; Dwell) A plethora of tools, kitchen stocks and sundries do not need to translate to...
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19 Prodigious Types of Countertops to Make Your Kitchen…

One of the key components that map out, how showy or how eloquent your modern kitchen, is nothing else but the countertop. The horizontal-look...
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Capturing the Essence of Home in Ultra-Modern Living

That first day had seemed so full of promise—no hint of the emaciated man that would be weeping on the floor day three of...
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