Colorful Contrast In an Open-Plan Home

Dinner parties were reckless, and nearly primal, ever since Bruce built his fire pit. (Photo: John Clark; Dwell) A lime green front door playing on...
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Maximizing Open Space

One day she’d be ready for life on the outside. (Today was not that day.) (Photo: Simon Devitt; Dwell) The photograph above shows a hipster...
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Tipping The Top of Striking Design with Tilt Hinges

Nonchalantly peering down the hall, it quickly became clear that escaping without the other four doors noticing would be impossible. (Photo: Jessica Haye and...
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Clinical Attention to Detail in a Post-Modern Space

He could not for the life of him remember if he had closed the back door. Source: Academy of Art & Architecture by Wiel...
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