Staying Chipper While You Wait

After suffering a thousand-and-one splinters, he begrudgingly made a concession to her corporeal comfort and purchased a slim pad for the chair. (Photo: Christoffer...
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The Indoor Outdoor Shower

The modern indoor/outdoor shower: No towels. No curtain. No shame. (Photo: Tom Fowlks; Dwell) This designer has delivered an experience unlike any other. Set amid...
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Blissful Relaxation in a Bare-Bones Bathroom

Nothing says “relaxing” like being tub-judged by your artwork. (Photo: Tara Donne; Dwell) Minimalistic charm can be exuded from any area of the home, as...
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All-Blue Bathing – Obscure Yet Inviting

She’d asked for prism colors—not prison. (Photo: Justin Fantl; Dwell) This designer went out of their way to create a space with as little color...
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The Zen Art of Bathing

The rock perimeter made bathtime a satisfyingly masochistic ritual. (Photo: Andrea Wyner; Dwell) Clearly carrying inspiration from Japanese open-air baths, this massive saucer-like bath space...
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