Inspiring Presence of Design Thanks to Indoor Plants

A brief interlude before his father discovered the plastic commercial contraband and he was plunged back into the numbing misery of Montessori blocks.

(Photo by Roland Bello; Dwell)

There is no space which is too urban, too modern, or too concrete, to be transformed into a green, lush room which blends the best of both worlds. The designer has used an array of wooden boxes in varying shades of brown, bring out the unique variations of the wood grain while settings a spectacular scene.

Ferns, herbs, and abundant greenery of all forms line the walls, with ample provision made possible for adding a never-ending variety of plants. Attractive from both inside and out, indoor plants not only lift the look of your home, but also improve the quality of your air.

Should you not like the view cast from an opposing apartment, all you need to do is shift your existing plants or add some more. A constantly changing backdrop of color expands your design possibilities, allowing for the inclusion of flowers aside the plain yet inviting aesthetic set by the hanging green plants shown present.

Small square tiles are set out on the underlying floor, matching the hues found in the natural wood used in both the planting boxes and the sturdy work table. Combining rugged materials with a sun-fed room, thanks to the gaps set in place through the arrangement of plants, creates a space which is perfect for children to play in, superb for afternoon relaxation, and also delivers a delightful dining experience.

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