Hustling in a Hipster Kitchen

Hustling in a Hipster Kitchen UH

The demon rabbit demanded more Nesquick cassoulet.

(Photo: Frederik Vercruysse; Dwell)

A plethora of tools, kitchen stocks and sundries do not need to translate to clutter, as is stylishly shown in the image above. This hipster is clearly a hit in the kitchen. His small space has been magnificently managed, utilizing nothing more than a stainless steel trolley and matching fridge, oven, and microwave. The extraction fan uses the same color scheme, albeit slightly darker, pairing wonderfully with the broad beaming reclaimed wood ceiling.

A brick wall backing has its best brought out, thanks to the thick counter, cooktop, and modern spice-rack. The curtains used are perforated, allowing just enough light in while still protecting your kitchen from full view. A distinct shadow is cast over the kitchen, yet another aspect which can be applied as an accentuating aspect of any area of design.

This highly functional space incorporates everything needed by a contemporary chef. By opting for a wheeled trolley, a great amount of space can open up, should you need it. As you can see, all that one needs to take full advantage of a small space is careful placement of appliances and work surfaces. You cannot fault the accessibility of all kitchen supplies and appliances, nor the stylishly chic appearance which the predominantly metallic appliances and equipment brings. When presented with a fantastic high-rise view, it takes just a small accentuation to make the most of the layout.

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