How to Wash Microfiber Towels

How to wash Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels can be used for many things. They are obviously the green-friendlier alternatives to tissues or paper towels. Knowing how to wash microfiber towels is also very important. You can reduce the use of paper towels because of this.

1. About Microfiber

What is microfiber, by the way? Also known as “super fiber”, it is a synthetic fiber that is very, very thin. It is also finer than a denier of thread. Some of the things made of this material are even almost paper thin.

With microfiber towels, you can do a lot. You can clean the wheels of your vehicles and some parts of the machine too. You can even use them to clean up your electronic kitchen tools, like dough mixers for example.

Other things you can do with these microfiber towels include cleaning up some spills on the floor. However, microfiber is not just for towels and mops. If you re an athlete, some of the outfits are made of this material too. Microfiber absorbs liquid easily, including sweat.

When it comes to washing microfiber towels, there are some ways. Check this out.

2. Let’s Separate Your Towels

Surely you have many towels at home, including the microfiber ones. However, just because they are all towels, that does not mean they are in the same category.

It is obvious that your microfiber towels will always be a lot dirtier. It is wise to separate them from other regular towels and clothes. Cleaning microfiber towels requires their own respective space.

By doing this, you prevent the possibility of cross-contamination between your dirty microfiber towels with other stuff in your laundry.

3. Use the Right or Adequate Detergent

Since microfiber is extremely thin, you cannot just use any detergent to wash these towels. In fact, doing so will only wreck them quickly. Use the right, adequate one. You may ask the local stores for a special microfiber detergent.

Whether it is liquid, powder, or laundry pods, make sure it is the right detergent. Choose the natural one or those with no scents at all, since they are usually much softer.

When washing microfiber towels, make sure that fabric softener is not there. It only clogs the materials with pores, which makes it less effective to clean these towels.

4. Set Your Washer Right

Now you have cleared all the other laundry stuff. It is the microfiber towels’ turn to be washed. Put these towels into the washing machine. Set the washer’s water temperature into “warm” or “hot”. This temperature will help you to remove dirt and grease faster from anything microfiber.

Then set the speed into “regular”. Add a bit of that special microfiber detergent into the washing machine or drop the laundry pod in. Once this is done, press “on” and let the microfiber washing machine to the job.

5. Dry Them Well

You do not have to work hard on this. Once the machine finishes working, hang the microfiber towels to dry. Remember, microfiber is so thin. It does not take long for these towels to dry.

Patience is a virtue, but what if the weather refuses to cooperate? For example: it is not that warm, or it is cool, because it is about to rain.

No worries, there are always other ways when it comes to drying microfiber towels. You can use a tumble dryer. To avoid microfiber from wrecking with heat, set the temperature moderately low.

6. The Folding and The Storing

Last but not least, it is time to fold and store these microfiber towels. Have a clean container or a cabinet ready. Do not store them with other towels. Once again, this will damage the material in the long run. Besides, how do we know that the other laundry stuff is 100% clean or sterile?

It is the same thing as the container. Make sure that the cabinet or the container for them is squeaky clean. This may sound a bit too much for you, but this is serious. Even a speck of dirt can make the microfiber towel become the transferrer of the dirt to whatever you plan to clean with it.

7. Commercial Washing and Drying for Microfiber Towels

What is the difference between this and another method? For starters, here is what you need to pay attention to:

  • The detergent must be high solvent for soil and has no alkaline. The dose should also be determined by the poundage product specification.
  • No bleach and no fabric softeners are allowed.

Once you are done washing these microfiber towels, here comes the drying part. You must also pay attention to these:

  • It is better to rely on air to dry your microfiber towels. However, using a tumble dryer is okay too. Set the temperature as low as 140 F.
  • Use a disinfectant. Inject it when you finally rinse the microfiber mops. Do not dry them while doing this. Bag the mops and tie the bag up. The residue of the disinfectant will reduce the mildew from growing before you use the mops.
  • As mentioned earlier, you do not need to dry the microfiber mops. Let them stay damp and put them in a bucket. Pour them with the chemical product. Leave them for half an hour before you start using them again.

Microfiber towels are quite affordable, but they all need special treatment. Washing microfiber towels require a microfiber detergent and their own personal space. This is as if they are a diva group while the rest of your laundry stuff are commoners.

Alas, since they do not require so much space, why not have plenty of microfiber towels? While some of them go into the laundry machine, you still have plenty to use. That way, you do not have to wait until they are dry to be used again. There is enough spare at home whenever you want to.

By knowing how to wash microfiber towels, you no longer need to buy new ones all the time.

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