How to Tell if You Have Fleas at Home

how to tell if you have fleas

Fleas can be something irritating. Not only do the external parasites suck your pets’ blood, but they eye you for their following victim. It’s time to be aware of the animals’ presence. They can be in on your pets’ hair, your room, and even the outdoors.

Then, how to tell if you have fleas at home? There is nothing to get worried as you can check these helpful signs out.

1. Your Pets Scratch a Lot

The clear indication telling that your environment is invaded by fleas is the scratching issue experienced by your furry pets. Once you realize that your cat or dog scratch their body recurrently and lose their fur, you need to get immediate action.

Inspect the pets and spot the signs of fleas throughout their neck, leg fold, and not to mention the tail. You might use a magnifying glass to help you sight the tiny insects. Can you see the fleas clearly now?

While combing out the pets’ hair, don’t forget to prepare a bowl of soapy water. For a better result, you can take advantage of the warm water. This item is required to place the active fleas and kill them with it. Aside from inspecting the adult fleas, ensure that you do the same way to the flea dirt.

Unless you’re sure whether the grime you’ve just found belongs to the bloodsuckers, again dip it in the bowl. Turning read means it’s the exact dirt.

2. The Scattered Powdery Deposits

Your carpeting area looks strange due to some powdery deposits over it? Quickly investigate as quickly as possible. If the color ranges from black to white, the worst possibility is that you’re facing the flea problem at your home. The white remaining waste is basically the fleas’ eggs while dark ones are usually the fleas’ feces.

If you’re still unsure that the dark stuff is the poo, you can dip it in water. Red color is the true clue of it.

3. Your Cats Feel Discomfort

Do you find your cats can’t sleep well as they have the ongoing scratching and itching issues along the night? The flea infestation, for sure, takes place on their body. Your pets must be highly frustrated with their current physical state.

Keep suspicious of your lovely animals once they don’t stop grooming and preening. The activities are basically normal, yet you have to know that frequent licking is to soothe them from fleas’ bite.

Another palpable indication is their excessive moodiness. Once the felines of yours feel restlessness, they suddenly change their behavior. The cats turn to be like wild creatures full of anger and growling too often. They usually rub their head on the floor when the fleas’ invasion is inevitable.

As they actively fight against the fleas driving the cats insane, in the end, they are powerless or lack of energy. It seems that they experience so-called anemia.

4. Signs Your Bed is Inhabited by Fleas

Do you often scratch your skin and find it filled with red marks after waking up? That’s actually the fleas in bed signs. You are not alone as many encounters this issue. The bedbug infestation seems to be a serious matter, especially in tropical areas.

How the vampire-like insect’s bite is quite similar to mosquitoes. Even their bites can cause some health-related issues like a blister and open sore. It takes one to two days until the itch is gone.

The common fleas attacking your pets and bed bugs have some differences. Speaking of which, bed bugs come with physical appearance relatively flatter than fleas. Their length even reaches up to 5 mm long while fleas are shorter than them.

The bite impact resulted also doesn’t share an affinity. Once the bed bugs suck your blood, you will experience an allergic reaction. And the interesting fact is that they appear every 10 days when you sleep.

Speaking of tips on how to get rid of the bed fleas, you can start by checking your mattress and making sure that the creatures belong to the bed bugs.

After making an inspection, you must strip all of the covers like bed sheets, blankets, as well as pillowcases. Wash the bedding thoroughly with flea-killing detergent and dehumidify it under the direct sun. When it comes to bed, ensure that you also dry it when the sun shines.

5. How Your Yard Looks Like When Fleas Come

Keep in mind that fleas are not only available in your home and pets, but the blood-sucking insects are found to be anywhere outdoors. How to know if you have fleas at yard? The fleas’ population multiples when it finds a setting that’s humid, shady, and less sunlight.

A yard which is crowded by fleas is often blamed why your home is infected by the tiny animals. Don’t you realize that either your dogs or cats love to hang out at the place?

To look into whether the shady are becomes the base of irritating flightless creatures, you can get the most out of your white socks. The choice of fresh snow shade clothes helps you observe the existence of black fleas comprising of pupae, eggs, baby fleas, as well as adult fleas.

Besides inspecting the suspected area, never hesitate to examine other following spots such as fences, trees, doghouse, and patio furniture.

What about the best flea treatments in regard to this case? As a matter of course, there are a couple of methods to deal with the flea’s problem. Applying flea spray could be one of the great alternatives to take. However, prior to doing it, you need to clean up the organic debris and overgrown grass with a lawnmower.

If you wish for an environmentally friendly approach, you might have a try on spreading nematodes. The predators are pretty effective.

In conclusion, how to tell if you have fleas at home? There are plenty of signs indicating that your environment has been affected by the presence of fleas. Some of them include how your pets excessively behave, how your skin is filled with red marks after sleeping, and etc.

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